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Maddi’s former job had her traveling all over the world, but she hadn’t seen much of her home country of Australia. It was time to change that, so Maddi turned to van life.

She’s been on the road enjoying all kinds of adventure activities — from spearing fish to scuba diving — ever since. Her Volkswagen high-top transporter is her home on wheels. Read her story in her own words below!

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Maddi’s Amazing Adventure Sport Van Life

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Jennifer lost her beloved dog, her father, her job and a serious relationship all within 6 months in the middle of the pandemic outbreak. While plenty of people would sink into despair (and rightfully so!), Jennifer used the tragedy as a launching pad to set out on the #vanlife she always dreamed of living.

The time alone forced her to sit with her feelings and process the heaviness of the grief she endured — and she’s come out better on the other side. In the interview below, she offers tips for staying safe while traveling alone — and conquering fears. Enjoy!

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Choosing #Vanlife After Immense Grief & Loss

Sage the Van and Jennifer’s Self Discovery

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Antoinette loves to travel and had been living abroad in Spain since 2013. She even started an international travel abroad company for minority teens and young adults. But then 2020 happened and she had to go back to the States.

Once back “home,” she decided to jump into #vanlife, even though she said it wasn’t really a “thing” the black community did. But now she’s an inspiration for other black women who want to travel solo in a van. She had a professional company design and outfit her van, and it’s awesome!

Check out her gorgeous epoxy shower stall, super-comfy couch seating, and lovely kitchen in the Tiny Home Tours interview below!

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Her Super-Comfortable Van Conversion With An Indoor Shower

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