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Gypsy was working 60 hours a week, talking about her dreams of escaping it all, when a coworker told her to just “shut up and do it.” She was shocked, but inspired, and within three weeks had purchased a bus she converted into her first tiny home.

That said, the bus was cumbersome and she wanted an easier way to get places — so she bought a van instead and spent 3 months building it out. While she did have a shower at one point, she got rid of it because going to the gym to shower is easier and she appreciates the storage space. Check it out below!

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She Got Rid of Her Shower & Purposely Has No Windows in Her Van!

She Went From a Bus to a Van & Visited 48 States. 3

Images by Tiny Home Tours

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Stephanie made sure to include everything that was important to her in her van, including an oven and three-burner stove so she could cook anything she dreamed up. She also made space for a shower and a toilet, making this truly a micro home on wheels.

Before van life, Stephanie was a chef and owned a food truck, but in her first month of van life said she saw more of the US than she had in her whole life! Needless to say, the travel bug is strong with her and she will keep going until she’d ready for something new.

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From Food Truck to Sprinter Van

Stephanie & Pebbles Her Van w Oven, Toilet & Shower. 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Who said van-life was only for youngsters? Virginia (@veevanvoom on Instagram) is an incredible woman from Canada who was inspired by tiny house television shows to retire early in her own van conversion. That’s right, van life retirement!

She worked for 38 years as a massage therapist and with the help of some friends and experts built out her very own custom van home. Virginia even carved out some space in her little van for her massage table! She already traveled through her home country of Canada and is currently traveling through the states, building community and exploring beautiful places as she goes. Thanks Tiny Home Tours/YouTube for the great video tour you can watch below!

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Massage Therapist Retires and Travels US & Canada in her Van! Could You See Yourself Retiring To Van Life??

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