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If you’re thinking about living in a tiny house or even just downsizing to a smaller house, you’ve probably been thinking about space-saving tiny house furniture… And today I wanted to show you this sofa that converts into a bunk bed in just a few seconds.

It’s a foreign product that’s probably really expensive and completely unobtainable for those of us like you and me who want to live simply so we can also live affordably. But either way- I thought it was worth sharing because who knows? It might inspire somebody to create a DIY version- with a how-to- that’s more affordable (crossing my fingers).

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Sofa Converts into a Bunk Bed in 14 Seconds Flat


Image © ProteasGR/YouTube

To see how it works you can actually watch a 36-second video below which demonstrates how it converts from comfy sofa to bunk bed in 14 seconds flat below:

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You probably haven’t seen a hideaway bed exactly like this one before.

It’s a little different than your average murphy bed because of the way it works. One touch of a button on the remote and 35 seconds later you have a bedroom.

The unique feature is that you don’t physically have to fold your bed out although you will need to grab some sheets and a pillow!

But seriously the bed is perfectly hidden in the bookcase unit. And it slides out in a very unique way… You’ve got to see:

Small Space Furniture #16: High Tech Hideaway Bed Small Space Furniture #16: High Tech Hideaway Bed

Watch the video below.

In the video below you can see exactly how it works.

For more information on this bed, visit the company, The Concealed Bed.