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Tiny houses push the boundaries of the smallest amount of space needed to comfortably live in. You want to “make the most” of this space, but how? In this article, I talk about the pitfalls of adding too much stuff to a tiny house, and propose 7 design tips for making a small space feel more spacious.

If you’re trying to fit your whole life into a tiny house, your first instinct is probably to find space for all the furniture, appliances, devices, and belongings you’ve always needed to be comfortable. And obviously you’ll need to partition out a living room, kitchen, bedroom, reading nook, and office… right?

But before you add too much, consider this: Your house design is tiny already. Why do anything to make it feel more cramped or enclosed? Here are 7 design tips that will help you design an interior that feels spacious, and avoid making your tiny space feel claustrophobic.

7 Spacious Tiny House Design Tips

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One of the challenges for tiny houses is feeling comfortable with the amount of space you have.

When I found this tiny house on a trailer for sale, I immediately noticed how neat it was that they had added a larger porch.

This way you can actually lounge outside and use the outdoor space as part of the home. You can read books, magazines, or just enjoy the scenery there.

Many people who live in a small space rave about how they have great outdoor space which they use a lot. In a house like this, it’s sort of a must, isn’t it?

This has led me to a few built in ideas that you can add to your own design so that you can expand your outdoor space (maybe I’ll share in another post)… But you can see a real example of it in action right here.

Making Your Tiny House Feel Bigger

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