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Uniquely designed, this 646 sq. ft. modern cabin in Sweden has amazing indoor/outdoor living space plus great windows. Since this cabin is in the middle of the woods the idea was to keep the building process environmentally friendly. To do this the owners had the lumber pre-cut to the exact dimensions using computer technology to help reduce the disturbance in the surrounding forest.

Inside the cabin is a great indoor/outdoor living area. The kitchen looks like it has plenty of cabinets and space to cook. I did not see a picture of the bathroom but when looking at the floor plans the bathroom is just to the left of the kitchen. The downstairs also has two bedrooms. And up the floating stairs, that I just love, is a loft bedroom with more amazing windows with views of the forest.

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646 Sq. Ft. Modern Cabin in Sweden


Images © Luc Pages

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Check out this 3-story 624 sq. ft. house in Japan. The architects, Takahashi Maki and Associates, call it the “White Hut and Tilia Japanica”. Set in a older residential community this small house sits much higher than it’s neighbors.

The large windows of the home give the owner views of the surrounding area. Heading inside the house you would find on the ground floor the bedroom with space for a small desk. On the second floor you will find the kitchen, dining and living area.

The top level would be my favorite. Along not pictured here that is where you would find a large and luxurious bathroom. Would this type of small house design work for you?

624 Sq. Ft. 3-Story Small House in Japan


Images © shigeta satoshi/nacasa & partners inc

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I wanted to share this small house located in Seaside, Florida with you.

Although it’s 1,035 sq. ft. which is much bigger than most houses seen on here this two bedroom/two bath with a sleeping loft is worth taking a look at.

It seems like a great small space design for a family of 6?

What do you think?

Going into the house through the French doors you are immediately in the living area which has nice vaulted ceilings.

The living room, dining area and kitchen are lined against the left side of the house with the two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the right side of the house. One of the bathrooms even leads to an outdoor shower.

There are two different ladders that take you up to the sleeping loft where shown here there are three more beds.

I love the look and feel of this classic Florida cottage.  Having a large porch can provide additional space for the entire family to hang out together.

See what you think of this small house below.

1035 Sq. Ft. Florida Cottage for a Family of Six


Images © Seaside Community Realty

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I think you will find this modern polygon cabin interesting. And quite possibly a cool place to live.

Built on a concrete foundation this small cabin serves two purposes for the owners. Used as a sculpture studio and to accommodate guests this small space was designed by Jeffrey S. Poss, Architect and WORKUS Studio.

You will see galvanized steel is used as siding that also extends upward where the architects continued the use of this material in a zigzag shape for the roof. The use of red cedar wood on the inside of the studio gives this space a warm feel.

The spacious creative area used to make sculptures is located on the ground floor with the guest room located in the loft. Perched up 130 steps from the edge of Lake George in upstate New York, I could see the beauty in living in this small space. How about you?

There is a powder room (although not pictured here), so all you would need to add is a functional kitchen and you are ready to live here full time. On the lower level in the main space you will see there is built-in storage on one wall for hiding away belongings and large sliding doors on the other side to invite nature in.

These large glass sliding doors provide beautiful views of the lake below and the ability to catch a nice breeze.

Let’s take a look at this one-of-a-kind small space.

Polygon Cabin with Loft in Nature You Could Call Home?


Images: Jeffrey S. Poss, Architect

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