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Here’s another new small home design by Small House Catalog called “Cedrus.” It gives you about twice the living space of even your largest tiny home, but keeps everything on one floor for accessibility.

There are two bedrooms — one larger, one smaller — with two adjacent bathrooms. The other half of the L-shaped home is dedicated to the galley kitchen and expansive great room with high ceilings. Could you live here?

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Two Beds, Two Baths & Amazing Great Room Home Layout

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Many people are skeptical of how long people really live tiny before throwing in the towel on cramped quarters. But the Reed Family’s story shows that sometimes tiny living can be a useful stepping stone to dreams come true.

The family were struggling financially trying to serve at a church in the LA area (Dad/Husband Nick is a pastor), and finally decided to fix up an RV, move 35 miles away from the church (long commute!) and live tiny to remove the financial burden of rising rents. During their RV life, they were able to save up enough money for a 1100 square foot fixer-upper just 10 minutes away from their church! They sold the RV and used that money as part of their down payment on the home.

The family of 6 (@reedsindeed) feels like their little home is a mansion in comparison! The four girls share one of the home’s two bedrooms with amazing built-in quad bunks, and the home features the coolest glass dining area. We got to interview mom, Rachel, so be sure to read her story at the end of the post!

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Reed Family of 6: From RV to Financial Freedom to Little Home

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Check out this 3-story 624 sq. ft. house in Japan. The architects, Takahashi Maki and Associates, call it the “White Hut and Tilia Japanica”. Set in a older residential community this small house sits much higher than it’s neighbors.

The large windows of the home give the owner views of the surrounding area. Heading inside the house you would find on the ground floor the bedroom with space for a small desk. On the second floor you will find the kitchen, dining and living area.

The top level would be my favorite. Along not pictured here that is where you would find a large and luxurious bathroom. Would this type of small house design work for you?

624 Sq. Ft. 3-Story Small House in Japan


Images © shigeta satoshi/nacasa & partners inc

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A friend sent me the link to this not so tiny but beautifully designed house by Cloud9.  It’s featured over on There Was Rain.  Click over to there blog to see more pictures of it.  Notice the huge windows in the bedroom, living area, and office.


I really enjoyed looking at this design, check the rest of the pictures here. (Link opens in a new window).

Via There Was Rain, Image: Cloud9