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This is Roberta’s small cottage in San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica.

She bought the house sight unseen, later remodeled it, and has been living there since 2015. Not long after settling in, she built a tiny house (casita or ‘cabina’) on the property as well! She now rents that out on Airbnb for additional income. You can learn about her casita and how it was built, on this post.

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Here’s What Her Small Cottage Looks Like Today

Robertas Small Cottage In Costa Rica After Remodel

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Larry contacted us to show us his gorgeous creation, the Casa Maria. He built this vacation home about four years ago in Costa Rica for less than $60,000.

Including the loft space, the home comes to 764 square feet. It’s built out of cypress wood and has asphalt roofing. Underneath the neatly curved roofline of the house are a carport and laundry room. The main living space is wide-open with couches, a fireplace, kitchenette, and pool table. There’s a bedroom and a bathroom, as well. Enjoy the photo tour of Larry’s wonderful small home!

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Beautiful Costa Rica Cottage on Stilts


Images via Larry Windes

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