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This is Lina and Isha’s Tiny For Two (T42) that they designed and built recently.

You might remember Lina Menard’s Lucky Penny that lived at the Simply Home Community in Portland, Oregon. Lina now lives with her fiance, Isha, in the T42 at a different Portland tiny house community called Going Places. I especially love the downstairs office area that comes complete with tons of built-in storage. I included tons of specs about the house and Lina’s contact information, on the last page, so be sure to check those out. Enjoy the pictures (all from Kristina Lynn Photography) below!

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Lina and Isha’s Tiny House For Two (T42)

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When Lina Menard was 14 years old, she was already interested in cohousing. So it’s no wonder that today she’s living in her own tiny house in a self-created tiny house community she and her friends put together in Portland. It’s called Simply Home Community.

Granted, this all definitely didn’t happen over night. This is something Lina has been dreaming of and actively working towards for a long time. It’s no wonder she figured it out, right? And right now I’m so excited and even proud for what she and her friends are doing not only because it isn’t an easy thing to do but also because they are truly paving the way for others, like you and me, to do the same.

So this is the story of how seven friends are now successfully living tiny in their own little community. This is a great model, example, and inspiration for future tiny living and cohousing communities that are home grown.

Seven Friends Create Simple Tiny House Community

Simply Home Community

Image © Simply Home Community

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