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Nate and Daysh are another example of folks who enjoyed tiny living for a season. The couple wanted to travel the U.S., so they started with a van build, decided they needed more space, and then upgraded to this beautiful shuttle bus. That said, they never planned on tiny living forever — so they are selling the bus now and building their first home.

Their bus featured a spacious queen-sized bed, huge pantry/closet, and a galley kitchen with an oven and top-loading fridge. The interior is light and bright with a really cool ceiling. Check it out below!

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From Van to Bus And Back Home Again

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Tyler and Juniper lived a minimalist life in Hawaii (Tyler even did mini-van life), and weren’t interested in paying rent when they got back to the mainland. While expecting baby Atlas, they decide to buy and renovate a shuttle bus.

Their budget-friendly build used tons of recycled and repurposed materials. They even kept an old bench seat to provide seating for Juniper and Atlas while Tyler drives. Enjoy the tour below.

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Family Shuttle Bus Conversion with Real Door & Lots of Storage

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John and Ina (@seawardshuttle on Instagram) bought this former nursing home shuttle bus and transformed it into a home (called the “Seaward Shuttle”) complete with surfboard and bike storage using many reclaimed materials and a lot of creativity.

They’re currently living off of their savings and enjoying traveling and surfing everywhere they go. They claim the bus feels spacious, and there’s even enough space for their beloved dog and a handful of houseplants. Make sure to watch the full video tour from Tiny Home Tours/YouTube below.

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They Rehabbed A Shuttle Bus Into A DIY Motorhome Using Reclaimed Materials

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This is the story of Niki and Uly’s Shuttle Bus Conversion thanks to the Tiny Home Tours YouTube Channel! They’re an adventurous couple who met in Cambodia, moved to New Zealand, and have traveled the United States together in their DIY shuttle bus conversion.

Their build is incredibly simple without heat, air, a fridge, toilet or sink, but it works for them, gives them a place to lay their heads and enjoy the thing they truly love… Adventure.

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Couple’s Super Simple Shuttle Bus Conversion

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This is the story of Riley Slayden and Cece Monroe of LivingTiny.co.

When they wanted a way to own a house without debt, they decided they wanted to go tiny. And they did it by buying a 1982 shuttle bus and converting it into their own rolling tiny home! Please enjoy our exclusive interview with them to learn more. Thanks!

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Couple’s Shuttle Bus Turned Tiny Home

Couples Shuttle Bus Turned Tiny Home

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