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Kelsey and Luke own almost identical dogs, although each one is a mutt! That immediately bonded the pair and after Kelsey’s car and apartment leases were up, she moved into Luke’s home — but the house seemed way too big and constricting. That led them to begin searching for a van.

However, they found vans were too tiny for four of them, and skoolies were too big. The short bus was a perfect “Goldilocks” option for them. Overall they spent about $22K on the bus and the conversion, which includes a convertible bed in the back and a rooftop deck on top to give them a spot to have “alone time” when needed.

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Couple & Their Dog in Convertible Bed Bus

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w: Rooftop Deck

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Olivia had been a nurse for about 5 years and was completely burnt out. She saw a listing on Facebook Marketplace for a converted short bus for $10K. She had enough money in the bank from selling her home to immediately purchase the rig — and quit her job — in just 48 hours.

Believe it or not, she had never even heard about #buslife until she saw the listing for her bus! While the bus was livable as-purchased, she chose to finish the build to her taste, putting in another $10K to the build. Enjoy the tour below and let us know what you love most about it.

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Former Nurse’s $20K Bus with Two Adorable Dogs

She Bought A Bus & Quit Her Job in 48 Hours

Images © Tiny Home Tours

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What better way to find your future home than by traveling the whole country? That’s what former manager Colin is doing in his 2003 Ford E350 Short Bus conversion. Tired of his high-paced life in San Francisco, he purchased and converted the bus to meet his unique needs.

He ramped up his solar, so he could run a larger fridge and freezer for meat and beer, as well as an awesome outdoor shower with plenty of hot water. His goal is to find a small town somewhere where he’ll buy land and build a house. What do you like most about his rig?

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His 2003 Ford E350 Short Bus w/ 600 Watts of Solar

Colin’s Short Bus With Rooftop Deck 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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During his senior year of college, Stefaan spent his class periods scrolling through Marketplace searching for a bus that he and his buddies could hop into and trash during the summer they graduated. But once Stefaan found his rig and started putting in the hours fixing mechanical issues, rust problems and water damage, he simply couldn’t imagine letting it become a frat house on wheels.

So he turned it into his home, instead. The result is a gorgeously-finished home complete with cool features like an electric lock for his fridge, a shower with a self-cleaning door, and an awesome roof-deck. He’s a photographer by trade, catching great pictures all over the country.

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Stefaan’s Short Bus with a Real Door

The Bibia Bus 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is the story of Brett and Jade Evans of Expedition Evans. They’re a married couple who have been living out of their ‘shortie-skoolie’, a short school bus conversion that they built themselves. After living the van life for a few years they saved up enough for a sailboat and ended up with a wrecked Beneteau 49 after winning it at auction.

So they have been spending their 2020 quarantine time fixing the damage and remodeling it into their perfect floating tiny home. Unfortunately due to the lockdown, they lost their jobs, but they are focused on redefining the odds for themselves and inspiring others to do the same through their YouTube Channel which has been growing fast. Take a look and learn more about their incredible story below.

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From Van Life To Rebuilding a Wrecked Sailboat, But It All Started With This Short School Bus. Here’s How They Converted It.

Married Couples Short Skoolie Conversion Expedition Evans 001

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This is an update on Marsha’s bus tiny house. Enjoy!

Every now and then I get a hankering to build something or change something, so thought I would send some pictures of changes I have made in Baby Boy, my tiny bus, in the past few months.

I have so loved living in this bus! It is so convenient, and no, it has no bathroom (although I have a porcelain potty for midnight runs), I have always stayed in places where a bathroom is available, and at my RV court in Arizona, I have a port-a-jon and an outdoor shower with propane powered on-demand portable hot water heater.

Original story: Woman Turns School Bus into her DIY Tiny Home

Marsha’s Bus Tiny House Remodel (Part 2)

Marshas School Bus Tiny House 001

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