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We haven’t posted any shipping container homes in awhile, so I was excited to come across this gem that’s a vacation rental in Austin, Texas. The dusty blue exterior makes way for a sleek interior lined with lots of galvanized metal.

The home features a studio-style set-up, with a queen bed tucked at one end, and a separate bathroom complete with a rainfall shower and flush toilet on the other end.

There’s a little kitchenette and seating area in the middle, where you’ll find a mini-fridge, microwave, sink, toaster oven and the all-important coffee-maker. Book your stay at HipCamp.

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Studio-Style Shipping Container Home (No Loft!)

Bamboo Hideaway Shipping Container Vacation 1

Images via HipCamp/Carrie

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The Black Box Container Home is a modern 2-bedroom shipping container home in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, built by Honomobo.

Cathi and Trevor downsized from a 2,300-square-foot home to this smaller 704-square-foot space three years ago after their sons left home.

The couple then built a stick frame studio space with a glass garage door and connected it to the main house with a breezeway.

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Couple’s Shipping Container Home with Connecting Breezeway

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This is Julio Garcia’s shipping container cabin in Savannah, Georgia.

According to Faircompanies, he spent a decade designing plans for shipping container homes before building this.

Garcia used salvaged materials for nearly everything, “you could put up a structure like this for about 50K,” he says.1

Salvaged Shipping Container Cabin in Savannah

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This is the story of a couple’s off-grid shipping container home.

Before, they used to live in a 4-bedroom home with a pool.

But it costs them so much money, that they wouldn’t have enough money left over for other things they wanted to do.

So the couple decided to build a shipping container tiny home with solar power and water collection systems to live off-grid, debt-free and without utility bills.

This is the story of how they did it. And how just maybe, you can do it too. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Aussie Couple’s Off-Grid Shipping Container Home

Aussie Couples Off-Grid Shipping Container Home 001a

Images © Faircompanies via YouTube

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This is the story of one woman’s solar-powered 484 sq. ft. shipping container home. You may remember her first shipping container tiny home that she lived in for about a year and a half. Now Brenda has upgraded to a larger container home!

Her new container home consists of a 20′ container and a 40′ container which gives her about 484 square feet of space inside. It features a rainwater collection system that delivers water to the flush toilet and washing machine. According to Living Big in a Tiny House, she was able to build it for about $84,000 in USD.

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Woman’s Solar 484 Sq. Ft. Shipping Container Home

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This is the KAN shipping container tiny home by Kyle Kozak.

It’s a modular shipping container home that can be built and shipped almost anywhere.

From the outside, you’ll notice the classic container look along with a rooftop deck with railings for security that you can use as outdoor space to enjoy the scenery and relax.

When you go inside, you’ll find a one-level floor plan with a desk, bed, kitchenette, bathroom, and plenty of shelving for storage. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

The KAN Shipping Container Tiny Home

The KAN Shipping Container Tiny Home 001

Images © KAN

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This container home village is an awesome solution to the Copenhagen housing crisis.

With more and more students flooding into the city, there remains a shortage of housing. To combat the problem, Danish company CPH Containers and architect Søren Nielsen created a student village from shipping containers. Because the area isn’t zoned for permanent structures, these transportable houses are a perfect substitute and can come and go without leaving a trace.

On the outside, this looks like a modern cubic structure. There’s a clean mix of grey and white colors, a rooftop patio with plants as well as a ground-level porch for outdoor living.

Step into the home and you’ll see the inner large room which includes the kitchen, a sofa bed, and the table. The entire interior is flanked with pine. The bathroom is tucked in the alcove diagonally opposite from the sofa bed area. Kudos for creativity!

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Container Home Village in Copenhagen

Container Home Village in Copenhagen 001

Images © Grey Visuals via Humble-Homes

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