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The KAN Shipping Container Tiny Home

This is the KAN shipping container tiny home by Kyle Kozak.

It’s a modular shipping container home that can be built and shipped almost anywhere.

From the outside, you’ll notice the classic container look along with a rooftop deck with railings for security that you can use as outdoor space to enjoy the scenery and relax.

When you go inside, you’ll find a one-level floor plan with a desk, bed, kitchenette, bathroom, and plenty of shelving for storage. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

The KAN Shipping Container Tiny Home

The KAN Shipping Container Tiny Home 001

Images © KAN

The KAN Shipping Container Tiny Home 003 The KAN Shipping Container Tiny Home 004 The KAN Shipping Container Tiny Home 002

Images © KAN


Our big thanks to Kyle Kozak for sharing!

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  • Avatar elaina miner

    I love these, they look open with the windows and bigger inside. This one looks modern. I could live in one of these.
    Thanks for sharing
    Elaina Miner

    • Feel free to visit our website! We offer a weekly newsletter, blog and great information on building your own shipping container home! Thanks for liking it!

  • Avatar Bigfoot

    I have owned a few of these ‘cans’ for several decades & use them for storage. They get extremely hot in the summer & you would really have to address the insulation from the outside (insulated cladding) as well as the inside IMO. That said, I have often thought these could be made into reasonable dwellings & indeed there are a lot of examples out there for this. If I was building one, I’d build a roof over the top with a header on each side so as to make expansion somewhat easier & for insulation purposes. I’d love to hear some input from someone actually using on of these to live in.

    • Hey! You are exactly right in that they can get very hot in the summer. We suggest that they get located in a shadier area. In the construction details you would be able to see that there is a additional roof built on top of the container itself which prevents exposure on the living area to direct sunlight. We have a customized construction details which uses breathable membranes as well as provide adequate fresh air from the interior which provides a comfortable indoor environment. For more construction details or questions inquire at http://www.the-kan.com or email [email protected] for more details!

      • Avatar Bigfoot

        Thanks for the input Kyle. I had been to the Kan website but I didn’t see any construction details other than the basic list of features. Any real pictures coming any time soon?

  • Avatar Victor

    Where is the cooking done? Is the privy outside?

    • Avatar Bigfoot

      Privy is to the left of the entry, see the small window on the exterior. I didn’t see any type of cooking apparatus or refrigeration so not sure on that one. Hidden?

  • Avatar Gabrielle Charest

    This is a lovely home. With the right insulation (which I’m sure it has), it makes a simple and stylish dwelling.

    • Avatar Bigfoot

      Regarding the insulation, I’m not sure what you refer to as the right insulation or how you know it has it, but this is what I found on their website.
      The interior walls feature polyiso-2″ for an R-10 value attached to the inner wall. Then they use foil faced insulation between the studs for another R 2.5, so a total of R 12.5 for the walls. No insulation at all is listed for the floors. They say they use 2 layers of insulation on the roof but do not give specifics regarding R values. They do state they use reflective materials so I would assume there is very little R value in the roof, mainly radiant reflection. Also, the price is $60,000 CAD which converts to over $45,000 USD. Price does not include PV solar electric, thermal hot water, water collection system, exterior decking, transportation, foundation, or setup. There is no fridge & no stove or cooktop included either.
      For an 8’x20′ unit this seems very expensive to me. You can get a 1 trip can (what they are using) for under 4K in my parts. Prices would probably be dependent on your proximity to a port, I’m in Florida.
      When I bought mine, I hauled them on a flatbed dump & set them in place with the help of a skid steer loader. They are very beefy & weigh about 5k empty.
      I wonder why there are only computer made images here?

      • Avatar Eric

        The reason there are only computer renderings is because prototype manufacturing is slated for August 2016.

        • Avatar Bigfoot

          Thanks Eric. The renderings are nice. Are you connected with the project?

  • Avatar Joseph Kuchta

    Looks like something that will work for me. I am having to go thru a housing situation. A tiny home … A container seems a gr8 option right now. Let’s stay in touch during my year of redirecting myself. TY


  • Avatar alice h

    Always a fan of rooftop decks. Nice window and door arrangement but I’d have a daybed of some sort to provide comfy daytime seating rather than having a big bed always out.

  • Avatar Karen Shoopman

    I would like to know how much this would cost ? In Atlanta ga area . Thx

  • Too expensive, seems to me cost defeats the purpose.

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