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I had to share this story of a man who converted an old tool shed into a beautiful micro cabin for he and his fiance so they can live mortgage-free.

He took an 8′ x 12′ tool shed and added insulation, windows, sheet rock and electricity.

Since he and his fiance work a lot they really just use a 96 sq. ft. minimalist cabin to rest and sleep at night.

Man Converts Tool Shed into Debt-free Micro Home

Learn why and how he did it in the video/interview and tour below:

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This 14 by 30 small log cabin is actually an Amish-built shed that you could easily finish into a livable cabin.

It has a full staircase and single-hung residential-style windows making it easily large enough to feel like a house! Steven Barry of Thee Amish Market gives you a full video tour (inside and out) of the shed cabin below.

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Shed That Looks And Acts Like a Small Log Cabin

Small Log Cabin that's actually a SHED!

Images via Youtube / TheeAmishMarket

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This is a super cool and ultra simple shed on wheels. I actually first found it in early 2010. And it’s still available to look at online! Pretty awesome.

My favorite thing about it is that it’s versatile in that it can be used as an office, rec room, or bunk room. It could be a podcast studio, your very own micro office, study, meditation room, sanctuary, music studio, or just about anything you can think of. If you had a space like this, what would you call it?

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Versatile Tiny Shed on Wheels

Tiny Shed on Wheels

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