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Shed That Looks And Acts Like a Small Log Cabin

I had to make a post for you on this small log cabin that’s actually an Amish built shed.

The log cabin/shed has residential style windows that are single pane and is easily large enough to live in.

You can listen to Steven Barry while he gives you a full video tour (inside and out) of the shed cabin.

It has a really sharp pitch so you get plenty of room up there in the loft. Probably enough for most of you to stand in and enjoy a full sized bedroom.

The porch has pressure treated wood already so it’s protected and finished. Ceiling in the porch is tongue and groove pine.

Inside you’ll find 2 x 6 studs and it’s all unfinished so you can put in your own insulation then follow it up with interior wall paneling (tongue and groove pine!!) or drywall.

Inside it’s 14 by 30 so there is plenty of room. And no ladder loft… There are real stairs. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

Pricing runs from $4,000 to $50,000 depending on size. I’m not sure how much this particular one runs but it has already been sold and will be used in a horse farm (it’s probably sitting there now!).

Small Log Cabin that's actually a SHED!
Screenshot #1

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Inside the loft in a small log cabin shed
Screenshot #2

Watch the video right here:

Thank you Steven Barry for sharing your video.

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  • Avatar Weston

    I’m sure it’s a lovely shed but the video made me so seasick I couldn’t really tell.

  • Avatar Davidrc

    I think Kent had done a post awhile back on someone who’d purchased an Amish shed and then he’d finished it out to live in. It was gorgeous, even the exposed electrical conduit had been done by a pro who took pains to make it look great. Nice to see that there are still some out there who do good work and take justified pride in it.

  • I’ll have to try and find that post on Kent’s site. Not sure if I’ve seen that one. Talk to you later David

  • Avatar Davidrc

    Hey Alex. If you haven’t found it yet at Kent’s blog, then under ‘categories’ click on ‘log construction’, the post is called ‘Jon’s cabin in Wisconsin’ dated 19 October 2010. Built by a company called ‘Cabins to Go’, an Amish company. They used squared off logs in this case as opposed to the round ones of your post. Lot of good pictures, 57 comments. Wow.

  • Avatar Ali


  • Avatar Laurie

    I saw this on another youtube video, love it!!! Not too expensive either:)

  • Please see http://www.amishcabincompany.com for prebuilt fully assembled and delivered cabins made by the Amish in an off-grid facility on an Amish farm in Kentucky. Only cabins currently built in Kentucky that are approved by the Kentucky Industrialized Building Systems divisions as modular residences. Full architectural plans and efficient 3Ht insulation, exposed post and beam timber frame construction. Beautiful Amish-milled eastern white pine from floor to ceiling including all walls and Amish made cabinets. 5 models to choose from, fully finished, unfinished shells, or kits.

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