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This awesome family of 6 set out on the road over a year and a half ago in their 40-foot converted bus. They wanted to educate their four boys about the world outside of Quebec. The couple sold their home and are now living off of that money and their savings.

Their bus has two sets of bunk beds for the boys, a spacious back bedroom for mom and dad, and a wet bath for cleaning up. Their huge kitchen has plenty of storage and all of them can sit at their banquette for dinner. What a cool family!

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Their Minimalist Family Bus Conversion

Couple & Their 4 Boys in a 40 Ft Skoolie 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Meet Alyssa and Dan — an adventurous couple living in “Lucky,” their off-grid short bus skoolie conversion.

At just 22 feet long, they only have 100 square feet of living space and do an incredible job utilizing it! They even added a “real” front door and included a shower and toilet to make life easier during their journey.

While the couple was travelling full-time for about a year, they settled down in Oregon during the pandemic on a stranger-turned-friend’s property (and wait until you see the view!). Take a look at the pictures and enjoy their awesome video tour below.

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Couple’s Adventurous Life in “Lucky”: Off-Grid Skoolie

"Lucky" The Off-Grid Short Bus Skoolie Conversion

Images via Regretlyss

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Meet Lexi & Tyler. They traveled the country in their converted school bus for about a year and a half before buying some land to settle down in the north part of Austin, Texas. Now the couple is living in their bus, saving to build a small home or yurt (I love yurts), and starting a homestead complete with some adorable chickens.

They escaped their $1850/month rent for a one-bedroom in Los Angeles and bought/renovated their bus for around $25,000. It is absolutely gorgeous. Burnt orange accents, white beadboard cabinetry, and a pine-paneled ceiling make the space both bright and warm at the same time.

We got the awesome chance to do a Q&A with Lexi & Tyler (@onewildridebus on Instagram) which you can enjoy at the end of the post.

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Couple Goes from Traveling to Homesteading in Their Skoolie Bus Conversion

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This amazing couple was tired of paying rent for a townhome they’d never own, and so they bought a bus and spent two years converting it into their house on wheels– without going into debt!

During those two years they got married, had a baby (the adorable Nora) and are expecting baby #2 (Atlas) in July! Needless to say, they had a lot going on and still managed to create a gorgeous home that they can travel in without acquiring more debt.

Right now they live stationary on a lot in Florida (for just $200/month), but they have a solar array, remote jobs and everything they need to live on the road when they want to. I got the chance to do a Q&A with them which you must read at the end of the post! They gave such thoughtful answers about bus life with kids.

Enjoy the photo tour and follow the Hazian family on Instagram here.

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Family of 4 (& Their Dog) Living In a Florida Bus Conversion

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This family of five downsized from a 6 acre homestead in Minnesota to full-time living in a 40 ft. bus conversion, and they couldn’t be happier with their pared down lifestyle.

The coolest part of this bus? The back 7 ft have been dedicated to the wife/mom’s mobile salon! She has her mobile license and they built the space to proper codes so she can do hair on the road. Pretty amazing.

Their three kids, ages 9, 8 and 5 have always homeschooled and love their bunk “bedrooms” and tiny lifestyle. Check out the video tour from Tiny House Giant Journey below!

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Family of 5 in a Skoolie with a Mobile Salon

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