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This is an epic 1948 Spartan Royal Mansion 40-foot Travel Trailer RENOVATION. I was contacted by Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes about it because it was for sale but has now been SOLD! Anyway, it’s still super-awesome, and you should definitely check it out and learn more about it. So, here’s the story on it…

Greg Parham’s brother-in-law bought the old Spartan and hired his super-talented aerospace engineer friend to renovate it and turn it into what it is today. He then used it briefly to live in while building a new home. Now that his residential home is complete, he’s looking to sell this epic and vintage Spartan trailer which served him oh so well. It’s AMAZING, isn’t it?

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Spartan Royal Mansion 40-Foot Tiny House

spartan drivers side

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This is Spartacus, a 1955 Spartan Royal Mansion by Backyard Bunkies.

It’s a 34-foot long vintage camper with two entrances, all new custom cabinetry, designer furniture, mini-split air conditioning, subway tiled bathroom, and more. It’s technically a park model designed to be set up with full hookups (it has no holding tanks). What do you think?

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Sparty the BEAUTIFUL 1955 Spartan Royal Mansion Renovation by Backyard Bunkies

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