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Annelies used recycled materials from the 2011 earthquake in New Zealand to build her own Tiny House on Wheels for just $19,000.

She’s a furniture-maker, and thought building a tiny would use many of the same skills, but she said the house challenged her, for sure! It features a lovely weathered exterior and a quaint cottage feel on the inside, complete with a lovely old-fashioned wood stove/oven!

You can learn more about her house in a video tour with Living Big in a Tiny House posted below, and by checking out their website here.

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Annelies’ $19000 Recycled Tiny Home in NZ

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This is the story of how a young family built their own DIY tiny house on wheels for only $8,000 USD in only six months.

They started construction in August, 2015 and are almost completely finished (the bathroom is being finished within the next couple of weeks).

This family will be living tiny with their two year old son. The project started with a restored 1976 Winnebago travel trailer that had been stripped. It was built by the married couple with help of two other family members. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Family Builds a Tiny House on Wheels for $8k

Familys DIY 8k Tiny House on Wheels 001

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This is a 67-square-feet recycled tiny house built for only $420.

It’s built on privately owned land where residents are developing their own DIY community.

Residents get to use the land for free in exchange for developing it with other structures, farming, and more. In the future, we believe more vacant land owners will allow this sort of arrangement. What are your thoughts on this community setup? Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

67 Sq. Ft. Recycled Tiny House Built for only $420

420 dollar reclaimed tiny house built on commune land 001

Images © Happen Films via YouTube

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Now this is a tiny house that really makes full use of recycled materials! Jeff and Brad used their self-taught knowledge to build two of these in Portland, Oregon.

The exterior walls are made up of tomato sauce cans from a local pizza parlor. These make the houses fire retardant, which apparently makes the local insurance companies very happy!

The window flower boxes outside are made of recycled upside-down range hoods; the porch swing is an old converted Dairy Queen plastic chair. Inside, many features are from recycled materials, too.

Mother and Son Living in 364 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home


Images © Faircompanies/YouTube

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