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Wess had the travel bug as a young adult but chose parenthood first. When his boys were getting older, he decided to think about tiny living/travel again and that’s when he stumbled across the school bus that he bought to turn into a house (before they were really Instagram-popular). As a metalworker, he had the skills necessary to build a school bus just how he wanted — and he did!

He spent three years on the road traveling in his conversion before settling in Witchita where he does metalwork for other people’s rigs. His home includes an awesome collection of found-item artwork, a mosaic tub, and tons of beautiful woodworking. Enjoy the tour!

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Impressive Hand-Built Skoolie For Solo Traveler

Metalworker & Artist Transcending Existance in His Roof-Raised Skoolie. 4

Images by Tiny Home Tours

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