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The Village Collaborative brings together resources to help people overcome homelessness by providing affordable tiny housing.

The organization provides resources across the USA like tiny house building plans along with information on how to start a village in your area.

Below you can see examples of the many tiny homes that have been built using this concept along with current communities that already exist which you can learn more about!

How This Organization is Helping Create Affordable Tiny Housing Across the Nation And How You Can Help!

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A while back I told you about a tiny house community dedicated to homeless people in Olympia, WA called Quixote Village.

As a part of LaMar Alexander’s Off Grid Tiny House Design Contest for 2014 a contestant submitted a design inspired by the affordable tiny homes at Quixote Village.

The village consists of 30 tiny cottages. And it all started out as a tent camp for the homeless.

Today there’s a vegetable garden and community building with showers, laundry facilities, communal kitchen, dining space, and more.

200 Sq. Ft. Solar Quixote Cottage Cabin Design

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour of this simple DIY 10′ x 20′ tiny cottage below:

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Last month I told you about a business man who built a community of tiny houses for the homeless in Texas.

Ever since then I’ve been noticing more projects and non-profits who are on a similar mission.

This story begins with a group of homeless people protesting in a parking lot in the city of Olympia.

They did so by camping out in the parking lot in 2007 when, later, police forced them out.

After this, local churches started offering space for the people to camp in since they had nowhere else to go.

Today- several years later- it is a self-governed village of 30 permanent tiny cabins for the group to live in.

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Photo by Bettina Hansen for the Seattle Times

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