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This is Project Yonder’s latest van build project. It’s a Volkswagen Transporter cargo van turned into a modern day camper van with a pop top roof and all!

Yes! It’s like a modern day VW camper van with a kitchenette, beautiful custom shelving, bedding, and more. See how it was turned into a beautiful one of a kind camper van below! Can you see yourself in a van like this? Where would you take it?

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VW Cargo Van Transformed into Incredible Camper Van!

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Project Yonder is an awesome new van conversion company based in the United Kingdom, and this 2016 LWB Volkswagen Crafter is their latest creation for sale.

The interior features a blend of “duck green” cabinets and medium-tone wood paneling to create a modern, cozy feel. There’s a stationary bed in the back of the van over a finished garage, as well kitchenette and dining/living space that also hides a cassette toilet.

Enjoy the photo tour below, and get in touch with the sellers (asking £44,990) over on their website here.

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UK Van Conversion Company’s Latest Van For Sale (SOLD)

2016 LWB Volkswagen Crafter Project Yonder 3

Images via Project Yonder

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