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While this pod-style tiny house is undoubtedly simple, the views it affords are truly breathtaking! To this day, the Isle of Skye is by far the most magical place I’ve visited, and getting to experience from this tiny wigwam might be the best way to do it!

Each of the pods on the land includes a double bed, itty bitty bathroom, two chairs, and a little kitchenette. You’re not far from the Quiraing and some other dazzling natural wonders. What do you think of this tiny home?

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Single Room Pod Cabin Near the Quiraing in Shulista, United Kingdom

Shulista Croft Wigwam 1. Isle 10

Images via Sally/Airbnb

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Composer Freddie Hodkin lives in  a beautiful tiny house built by North East Log Cabin, called the “Camping Snug Star Pod.” Set up in a “plus sign” shape, each arched wing functions as either the kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom. He has his snug pod situated on beautiful land with views of the Cornish valley (UK).

I included some pictures below of the “for sale” units from the builder, and you can enjoy Freddie’s video tour with his own original music at the end. Freddie said he welcomes questions on his YouTube channel! As always, let us know what you think.

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His Arched Tiny Cabin in the UK

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This Swiss-roll-style cabin is a fun twist on your basic cabin or even a dome. Two connected tubes make for a perfect family stay, complete with pod bunks for the kids, and a double bed for the adults.

It’s in a lovely, peaceful location, and has a hot tub in front for ultimate relaxation! There’s a kitchen table and kitchen area for prepping meals. With some storage, this could make a great full-time abode. What do you think?

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Domed Cabin Getaway with a Hot Tub

The Willow Family Pod. 6 18

Images via Pat/Airbnb

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This Snoozy-Owl Pod has a shepherd’s hut-style roof, but sits on skids in the backyard of a quaint English B&B. It’s nearly-round glass door welcomes you into the bright and airy interior.

You’ll find a living space with sleeper sofa across from a little dining area/kitchenette. In the back of the cottage sits a double bed and the bathroom complete with a flush toilet and shower stall.

You have a private patio area outside to enjoy, but you could spend a whole quiet weekend inside this pod without needing to go out! Book it here.

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West Yorkshire Snoozy-Owl Pod

The Snoozy-Owl Pod 005

Images via Mechele/Airbnb

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We shared the original Ecocapsule with you years ago, but here’s her daughter — SPACE — a micro 68-square-foot off-grid unit that makes a great stand-alone office, guest room, or addition to the larger Ecocapsule.

It has fiberglass and steel construction, with customizable exterior colors. Inside is a mixture of laminate and plywood for a sleek modern finish.

The basic model starts at $56,000, and is 15×7 feet. It’s just 8 feet tall, and weighs 3,000 pounds. What do you think?

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Off-Grid Ecocapsule SPACE!

Ecocapsule SPACE

Images via Ecocapsule

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