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From the outside, you might not even be sure what it is at first. The best way I can describe this one of a kind motorhome is a mashup of an Airstream, a pitched roof house, and a bus.

Joe, the owner/builder/dweller, has had a normal house before. But today, he doesn’t see the point. So he lives a minimalist lifestyle in this self-built and designed motorhome.

Man’s Creative Minimalist Housing Solution: DIY Motorhome


Images © UnlikelyLives.com

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This is the Majestic Bus To Tiny Cabin Conversion in the country near Hay-on-Wye (United Kingdom). It’s an old bus turned into a permanent tiny cabin with a bathhouse just a few steps away.

The little bus home accommodates up to four people comfortably. It may also be available as a rental if you’re ever in the area.

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Majestic Bus to Tiny Cabin Renovation

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