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This silo cottage in Vian, Oklahoma has three bedrooms!

The Silo at Lake Tenkiller has 3 bedrooms & 1.5 baths total. All bedrooms & full bathroom (shower only / no tub) are upstairs. Half bath is downstairs.1

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Silo Cottage at Lake Tenkiller

The Silo Cottage at Lake Tenkiller 001

Images via Maggie/Airbnb

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This is a 16-ft. tiny house for $35k out of Noble, Oklahoma.

It was built in 2010, offers approximately 145-sq.-ft. of space inside, and features a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and two areas for sleeping. Features include granite countertop, recliner, washer/dryer combo unit, composting toilet, and electric refrigerator. Learn more below and let us know what you think!

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145-sq.-ft. Tiny House For Sale in Noble, Oklahoma

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This is a 36ft tiny house w/ a rooftop deck that’s off to Hawaii. It’s built by Living Tiny, LLC, a tiny home builder out of Oklahoma. It features a main-floor bedroom with a ceiling-lift bed to save space and be able to use the space for more than just sleeping. That’s pretty cool!

We just build a 36’ x 8.5’ Tiny house with a rooftop deck for one of our clients in Hawaii!

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36ft Tiny House w/Rooftop Deck in Hawaii Built by Living Tiny Oklahoma


Images © Living Tiny Oklahoma

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This is the story of the Ruthardt family’s mortgage-free small house on a foundation.

Over four years ago, they built this beautiful 700 sq. ft. cottage on 8 acres in Oklahoma. It took them a total of 9 months to design and build it. It wasn’t long before they were living debt-free and eating healthy.

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Family’s 700 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home in Oklahoma

Young Family's Debt-free Tiny Home on a Foundation in Oklahoma

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This is a 20-foot tiny house on wheels with lots of amenities called Tiny Amenities. It’s for sale for $38,000 out of Luther, Oklahoma according to the listing. The tiny house was built in 2017 and features approximately 232-square-feet of space inside.

It’s an 8-by-20-foot tiny house on wheels with a 9-foot loft, a built-in sectional downstairs, a washer/dryer combo unit, kitchen, bathroom, window air conditioning unit, and more.

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232-Square-Foot Tiny House on Wheels: Tiny Amenities in Luther, Oklahoma – $38k

20-Foot Tiny House with Lots of Amenities

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This is a 400-square-foot park model tiny house on wheels called The Everest by Titan Factory Direct. It’s a beautiful and very spacious tiny home with a main floor bedroom, large kitchen, full bathroom, spacious living area, and a porch. The dimensions for the unit are 15-feet wide and 41-feet in length including the outdoor space.

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400-Square-Foot Park Model Tiny House: The Everest by Titan Factory Direct with Main Floor Bedroom, Full Kitchen, Bath, Living Area, and Porch

400-Square-Foot Park Model Tiny House

Images © Titan Factory Direct

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This is a 24ft SIP Tiny House on Wheels built by Cornerstone Tiny Homes out of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

The outside is finished with a faux stucco paint and trimmed with LP SmartSide trim. Inside, you’ll find beautiful custom cabinetry throughout. This tiny home was available for $65,000.

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24ft SIP Tiny House on Wheels For Sale by Cornerstone Tiny Homes in Guthrie, Oklahoma

24ft SIP Tiny House on Wheels by Cornerstone Tiny Homes

Images © Cornerstone Tiny Homes

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This is a custom 24ft tiny home on wheels with an oversized loft that’s for sale out of Claremore, Oklahoma.

The 260 sq. ft. THOW is listed over at Tiny Home Builders for $39,000 and it was built in 2018.

Inside there’s a full bathroom with sliding barn door, nice kitchen, skinny staircase with rail to the loft, and more. Do you think you can live comfortably in this tiny house?

260 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels with Overhanging Loft (For Sale)

Custom 24ft Tiny Home with Oversized Loft 001

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I love a good “before and after” post, and this one doesn’t disappoint!

Joe and Michelle Carr completely renovated the 1921 300 sq. ft. home on their property in Oklahoma City, and turned it into a dazzling modern studio that you can now rent on Airbnb!

The spot features a Murphy bed, living room, kitchen, full bath and private patio. Check out the before and after pictures below, and then head over to Airbnb to book your stay.


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Before and After: Tiny House Backyard Studio Transformation

Images via Joe and Michelle

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