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If you’re ever in the Yucca Valley of California, this clear cabin that sits on 100 acres of the desert is a beautiful and unique place to stay. The main cabin has clear polycarbonate panels all the way around the bedroom space, and large French doors open to a deck with breathtaking views.

Just up some stairs is a private bath house with both indoor and outdoor showers, as well as a kitchen outbuilding with everything you need to cook or grill something delicious! What do you think?

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Off-Grid Cabin with Huge Deck & Detached Kitchen/Bathroom

Clear Cabin in Yucca Valley California 3

Images via Dani/Airbnb

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Michael and Phoebe bought a lot on a Canadian island about three years ago and then spent a year building their 13×8 off-grid cabin, outdoor shower, rainwater catchment system, and gardens. Their island is only accessible via boat, and they live there with their adorable dog, Zephyr.

The cabin’s cladding comes from milled cedar from their property, and they heat it with a cozy corner wood-burning stove. Inside you’ll find a living and kitchen area on the ground floor, and then they have a sleeping loft and bookshelf. While they’d live tiny forever, they are going to start construction on a sub-700-square-foot home in order to be in compliance with local regulations. Enjoy their introduction and photo tour below!

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104 Sq. Ft. Cabin with Battery Bank & Rainwater Catchment

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Remember Jesse? The 17-year-old who was living in a tent (on purpose) and decided to build his own cabin from reclaimed materials? Well, it’s been five years since Florb’s last interview with Jesse, and guess what — Jesse is still living in his DIY cabin, now with girlfriend Jayne.

They’ve made plenty of adjustments to the cabin to make it couple-friendly, but they’ve also taken advantage of the land they’re on by building a screen house, sauna and pizza oven to expand their living space. It’s quite the awesome off-grid set up!

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Their Off-Grid Set-Up with Cabin, Sauna & Screen House

He Built This Cabin at 17 – 5 Year Update (He has a GF Now!) 4

Images by FLORB/YouTube

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You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time with a stay in this early-1900s Vermont cabin. It’s an off-grid experience, complete with a cozy wood-burning stove to heat water and keep the spot warm. There’s also a propane stove on the premises.

It’s a one-room cabin with a loft bedroom accessible via a ladder. In the cooler months, you’ll need 4WD to get to the cabin because it’s set remotely among 1200 acres of beautiful forest. Plenty of hiking opportunities if you’re up for it! Take a look.

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1900 Vermont Cabin: Off-Grid Pioneer Experience on 1200 Acres!

1900 Vermont Log Cabin 14

Images via Ashley/Airbnb

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Here’s another awesome tiny vacation dwelling in Connecticut run by Nancy & Bert. They are the ones with that great Octagon we showed you a little bit ago.

This little cabin is partially off-grid with electricity and heat, but no running water. There is shower access at the main house. Inside the cabin you’ll find comfortable bed and a seating area. Best of all, there’s plenty of gorgeous woodlands to explore and enjoy, including a creek you can leisurely tube down.

You can book your stay on Airbnb.

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Tiny House Vacation in the Woods

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Need to escape the city? This off-grid homestead cabin in New York sits on a 103-acre working farm with tons of goats and free-range chickens!

While there’s no plumbing or electricity, you’ll get the ambiance and warmth of a wood stove and a chance to cook over an open fire.

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This Rustic Cabin Sits on a Working Farm (w/ Lots of Goats)

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The Summit Cabin sits on a half-acre flat 3300 feet above sea level, with absolutely stunning views! The North Carolina vacation spot is completely off-grid, but still offers the luxuries that you most need.

The lower level of the cabin has a futon, cooking area with a stovetop, and a cooler for food. There’s also an outdoor BBQ for the best grilled meals. Take the outdoor staircase up to the bedroom upstairs, where there’s a queen-sized bed and a wrap-around deck with valley views.

There’s also a bathroom with hot water and a composting toilet available downstairs. You can enjoy evenings by the firepit outdoors. Book your stay over at HipCamp.

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Stunning Views from 3300 Foot Elevation: Summit Cabin


Images via HipCamp/Hans

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Want to experience a little taste of farm life (without the chores)? Stay a few nights in this off-grid cabin at Moon in the Pond Farm near Housatonic Meadows State Park in Massachusetts.

The accommodation is charming, but simple, with a comfortable queen bed, a little table and chair, and a snuggly wood burning stove for cooking and keeping warm.

This is a working farm, so you can purchase some of their homegrown goods and firewood, or go to some of the nearby small restaurants and cafe for meals. Book your stay here.

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Glamp in This Farmside Cabin with Wood-burning Stove

Tiny Cabin Glamping at Moon in the Pond Farm 5

Images via HipCamp

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Why stay in a typical cabin when you could have a unique stay in the Pachinko Cabin? This bespoke off-grid wonder sits on 20 acres of land and has no running water or electricity, but provides an experience unlike any other.

There’s a hand-crank Victrola, wood-burning stove for heating and cooking, and 5-10 gallons of water for drinking and washing. An outhouse is nearby, and during the warmer months there’s a shower house too. Climb the Lapeyre stairs into the bedroom, which features standing-height ceilings and a full-sized bed.

Enjoy the photo tour below and book your stay at Airbnb.

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Get Back to Nature in the Pachinko Cabin!

Funky Pachinko Cabin: Off-Grid Camping Alternative Upstate New York

Images via John/Airbnb

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