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This is a 345 sq. ft. tiny house built in 2012 by college students Ashley Haugstatter and Michael J. Zella in Endicott, New York.

The two built the house together. It cost them about $35,000.

Ashley just shared an update in the comments about where they are now, and I thought you’d be interested:

Hi everyone! I’m the girl in the video, this is our beloved tiny house 🙂

Our original hope was to have a tiny house on a trailer to take with us, but due to the zoning laws, we found this to be our best option. $35,000 includes the land, the home, all of our landscaping, retaining wall, driveway paved, etc. We didn’t skimp on finishes, but we didn’t go super pricey either.

We did indeed build it just the 2 of us, which is why it took a while. We worked 10-12 hour days for about 2 1/2 months. It was grueling, but so worth it! It was actually costing the 2 of us ~$12,000 EACH for room and board at Binghamton, per year. So with my having 3 years left and Michael having 2, it didn’t make sense to stay on campus. Plus the accommodations at school are less than stellar. And we couldn’t have our puppy at school 🙂 We also saw renting as a waste of money — the cheap rentals are in the downtown area that we wanted to stay away from, and the newer nice rentals were way overpriced. We did end up selling the house and got all of our money back. We have re-invested and now have built another lakefront home on Oneida Lake in Syracuse where we moved following graduation. I’m a nurse in a Pediatric ICU here and Mike is a Mechanical Engineer at Carrier. We would have stayed, we both had good paying jobs offered to us, but I wanted to work in a PICU, and there are none in Binghamton.

The desk did go underneath the loft, across from the clothes. It was a perfect set up! It really couldn’t have fit our needs any better. The outdoor area was also great for having people over. I do miss it, but our new house by the lake is also beautiful! I am so happy that we had the experience though. It was an amazing place to live for 4 years.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

How These College Students Built a $35k Tiny Home!

Psychology major Ashley L. Haugstatter and mechanical engineering major Michael J. Zella, pictured Tuesday, December 4, 2012, built a 400-square-foot home off campus in Endicott during the 2012 summer. Image JONATHAN COHEN

Image © Jonathan Cohen via BU

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This is a log siding tiny house on wheels for sale in New York. The buy it now price is $25,000. You can learn more about this tiny cabin on wheels in this post when we originally featured it on Tiny House Talk a few years back.

When you step inside this custom built tiny house you are in the living room with a cozy sofa bed, a rustic bookshelf, and a fireplace. There is space for a small dining table or desk near the kitchen. In the kitchen, there is a small sink, two burner propane cooktop, microwave and mini refrigerator.

The bathroom has a full-size fiberglass shower and composting toilet. Up the ladder to the sleeping loft you’ll find a queen size bed. The entire interior of the home is natural pine with foam insulated walls. There is a galvanized roof and this tiny house is secured and built right onto a double axle utility trailer. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

Log Siding Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in New York


Images © eBay

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In the woods of Chappaqua, New York is this modern studio cabin. Designed by, Workshop APD, the team made this modern cabin blend beautifully with the surrounding area.

I can see this being a great weekend retreat spot or even office space to get away from the hustling city life. Or if you are an artist or author what a great space to get creative in.

What do you think of this modern studio cabin? Although there are no interior photos how would you design the inside of this cabin? Share your comments with us below.

300 Sq. Ft. Modern Studio Cabin


Images © Workshop APD

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I thought you’d also like this off grid solar tiny cabin this morning.

And it even has a yurt nearby that functions as a little guest house for visitors.

This is the off-grid homestead of Dan Timmerman who is a cyclocross racer.

His teammate, Dan Chabanov, photographed the home which is in the Finger Lakes of New York.

Tiny Off Grid Solar Cabin Homestead

Tiny Off Grid Solar Cabin

Images: Dan Chabanov

I encourage you to explore the rest of the homestead below:

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I wanted to let you know that a 99 Sq. Ft. Anderjack tiny cottage on wheels is available to buy right now from Four Lights Houses.

This Craftsman style tiny house is located in New York right now. The structure is 7′ x 16′ but with the trailer and roofline, it’s about 9’6″ x 20′ with an 11’2″ height.

When you go inside the first level ceiling is 6’6″ high and when you go into the upstairs loft it’s about 3′ tall. This is a shell model which means the interior is unfinished. That’s why it’s just $19,000 because there’s still plenty of work to be done before it’s completed.

The good news is that you can finish the inside any way that you like. This includes the option of using Jay Shafer’s component furniture for tiny houses to finish it.


Image: Four Lights Houses

I encourage you to learn more about this Anderjack tiny house below:

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