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Here’s an awesome 2018 Mercedes Sprinter that’s been home to the couple over @thedesertcruiser for the past couple years. They’re upgrading to a larger rig and hoping to find a new owner for this one.

Birch plywood makes up most of the interior of the van, which features bench seating, a fixed bed, and a kitchenette with a propane cook top. There’s a great pull-out shelf in the garage of the van and a large rooftop deck. What do you think?

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Their Epic Van Conversion is For Sale

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This beautiful 2018 Sprinter conversion was created by VanLife Customs in Colorado. It has a full solar system, a built-in stove top, and a passenger swivel seat.

Unlike many conversions, this one runs the bed back-to-front, allowing for storage beside the bed instead of overhead, which could be really nice if headroom is particularly important to you! Enjoy the photo tour.

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2018 Adventure Van Conversion by VanLife Customs

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Doctor Serdner teaches psychology online, while also playing music and painting beautiful canvases. She managed to design a Sprinter van that has space for all of those things, including a heavy-duty drawer to house her creative materials.

Her build process and results were featured on the TV show Van Go, and she is quite happy with the results! She shares her van with her dog, so she is happy with the spacious queen bed since her pup likes to steal most of the sleeping space. What’s your favorite part of her van?

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On a Healing Journey in Her Stunning Sprinter

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This is probably the first time we’ve seen an archway inside a van conversion, and Bohdivan does it well! They use lime paint to create a plaster-style texture all around an arched feature wall that separates the living/kitchen area from the bedroom. The result is truly stunning!

This van is brimming with features, from the Victron Components with touchscreen to the huge slide out drawer in the garage, to the mouth-blown sconce. The van is currently for sale!

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This Luxury Van Has a Textured Ceiling, Wallpaper, Skylight & More

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 10

Images via Vanlife Trader

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This is a 2018 Sprinter van that was converted into a cottage-style campervan in 2021.

It has a privacy wall between the cockpit and the living space. The van also has a kitchenette, indoor shower, a rear bed that converts into a dining space, and storage underneath. All of that in a 144 wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter diesel van with 88,000 miles on it and they’re asking $89,000 for it. More info is below, check it out! What are your thoughts on this custom camper van?

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2018 Sprinter Van Cottage Converted in 2021 For Sale

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There’s no denying that vans are just about as tiny as tiny living comes, but Sam & Kelly included the major comfort of a shower and toilet into their van design. For Kelly, it was a must-have when they moved in after 10 months of converting their Sprinter into a home — but now? She says she could probably do without it!

She and Sam were working long hours at desk jobs in California, and could have kept working for years and still not have been able to afford real estate in the CA housing market. When the pandemic hit and they decided on #vanlife, they had no experience with it and were taking a big risk! But now they love it and are headed down to Mexico this week to travel there.

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Their High-Top Sprinter Conversion (w/ two dogs!)

Sam & Kelly’s Sprinter w Bathroom & Guest Bed

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Pre-pandemic Claire had a dream of living in a Volkswagen van and traveling the country, being able to see her then-long-distance boyfriend Jared more often. He convinced her that a Sprinter would be a more reliable choice, and it just so happened that Jared started working remotely in March 2020.

He was able to convince his employer to let him continue remote work, and Claire and Jared were able to chase the van dream together! They chose copper “penny”-themed accents to make a truly beautiful home.

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Fitness Trainers’ “Penny” The Van

Copper-Themed Cozy Sprinter Van 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is a 2011 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 camper van by GottBuilt Mobile Architecture.

It has 93,000 miles, and is available for $72,000 out of Portland, Oregon, according to the listing on Conversion Trader. What do you think of this van build out?

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Sprinter Van Tiny House with Fireplace and Skylight For Sale in Portland

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Becky and Austin had started saving to build a tiny house after Austin’s motorcycle accident changed their perspective on life. But, as life should have it, the pandemic derailed their going-tiny plans. But instead of giving up, they shifted goals and chose to go build out a van and travel domestically!

They purchased their Sprinter for $17,000, and spent another $8K making it a cozy home-on-wheels. Originally a plumber van, it already had a door blocking off the cab when they bought it, which they love since it makes the interior seem like a studio apartment rather than a vehicle. Enjoy the tour!

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They Were Going to Go Tiny & Then Chose #VanLife

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