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This is the Vento Sectional Sofa Bed by Franz Fertig.

It’s a modern sectional sofa, but it transforms into a comfortable double bed with a bedside table in a unique way.

Unfortunately, it starts out at $6,822 so nobody can really afford it and at that price point, it just wouldn’t be practical, but what do you think of the actual design?

The Vento Modern Sectional Sofa That Transforms Into Your Bed

Vento Modern Sectional Sofa That Transforms Into Your Bed 001

Images via The Collection

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This is the modern and multi-functional YO! Home which features sliding walls and a bed that hides in the ceiling when not in use.

Pretty cool, right? It offers us all of the amenities of a larger home in a studio space which ultimately means you can pay less rent and enjoy more house.

The YO! Home includes a bed that lifts up into the ceiling when not in use so that you can comfortably enjoy the large oversized couches that are hidden underneath.

But that’s not all! The design includes a dining table that pops out of the floor, built-in floor storage, a sleek kitchen that hides when not in use, and more! Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

YO! Home: Genius Multi-functional Studio House

YO! Home: Genius Multi-functional Studio House

Images © YO! Home

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When Bill Southworth of Hybrid Propulsion began traveling with his Rottweiler he was unhappy with where he had to end up staying. That’s why he ended up creating the 80 sq. ft. transforming cargo trailer stealth tiny house I’m showing you right now.

His options before designing and building this unique little cabin on wheels was to stay at motels that were rather unpleasant or high end dog-friendly hotels that were way too expensive. After looking at most of the travel trailer options out there, he was also unhappy with how large, ugly, inefficient, and awfully constructed they were.

Inspired by Graham Hill’s transforming apartment in NYC, he set his mind on creating a way to build his own hotel on wheels. And that’s how this beautiful 16′ Haulmark cargo trailer turned modern micro cabin on wheels was born.

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Man Builds Dog-friendly Stealth Cargo Trailer Tiny Home


Images © Bill Southworth

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I’m thrilled to show you this all-in-one tiny house furniture called 3Moods by UNAMO design studio in Spain. It’s not only for tiny houses because it works well for just about any small space thanks to its multi-functionality.

But basically… It’s a sofa, bed, chaise lounge, armchair, desk, dining table, and 4 benches, in one. And it can serve up to 8 people. What?! Yeah. It’s the most versatile piece of furniture I think I’ve ever seen. So of course, I know it would work perfectly in a tiny home, micro apartment, or any other small space. And I just had to share it with you. Please enjoy and re-share below.

3Moods All-in-One Multi-functional Furniture Kit


Images © UNAMO Design Studio

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Since I know you also probably like multi-functional furniture I wanted to show you this Living Cube designed by Till Könneker.

He took his sketches to Remo Zimmerli at www.holzlaborben.ch to further the design process.

It’s a sleeping and storage solution that’s hand built in Bern, Switzerland.

It can be your entertainment center, bedroom, closet, and storage unit. Till used it as a guest bedroom.

I can see this working well in micro apartments but it can also be used in other small spaces.

Some people might even want one in their bedroom to make better use of it or to transform it into a multifunctional room.


Photos by Rob Lewis

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the Living Cube tour below:

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Andrea sent me this great post today from TreeHugger where they featured a few incredible examples of multifunctional furniture inside small apartments.

If you had a set up like this your bed would be up on a loft with a completely enclosed underneath closet (yes, below the bed).

You’d have a tiny spiral staircase that leads up to the platform that holds your office and bookshelves. Underneath?

More storage that’s completely hidden! Another example goes on to show you how two people can share one room while still having “their own space”.

I can show you one picture but you’ll have to see below for the links to see the others.

Small Space Furniture #17 Super Rooms

Photo credit Tumidei

Via Andrea, TreeHugger and Tumidei


When you’re living in a small house, space can be an issue. Especially when it’s you and your family but even if you’re single and living in a studio or even a tiny house.

So as part of our small space furniture series I feature ideas every week that you might be able to use or get inspiration from.

Sometimes it’s easy enough where you can just place the order.

So today you’re looking at a bed that offers a lot. It’s a multifunctional piece of furniture that’s perfect for a small space. And it serves you with a bed loft, desk, plenty of storage, and lots of shelving.

Some other cool features you’ll enjoy with it are the way the desk pulls out and hides away when you’re not using it. There are also a bunch of drawers for completely hidden storage along with shelves in every other spot. It also comes with a small ladder so you can easily climb up to bed.

In the picture below, all storage is closed and the desk is hidden/put away.

Small Space Furniture - Loft Bed with Storage and Desk Functionality

In the next picture the desk is pulled out and the side shelves are open, have a look…

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