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Customized 100 Sq. Ft. Living Cube for Sleeping & Storage

Since I know you also probably like multi-functional furniture I wanted to show you this Living Cube designed by Till Könneker.

He took his sketches to Remo Zimmerli at www.holzlaborben.ch to further the design process.

It’s a sleeping and storage solution that’s hand built in Bern, Switzerland.

It can be your entertainment center, bedroom, closet, and storage unit. Till used it as a guest bedroom.

I can see this working well in micro apartments but it can also be used in other small spaces.

Some people might even want one in their bedroom to make better use of it or to transform it into a multifunctional room.


Photos by Rob Lewis

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the Living Cube tour below:


As you can see the Living Cube easily works as a closet for someone with a relatively simple wardrobe. He also wanted a place for his vinyl collection.


When you open the folding door you gain access to the storage area where you can put everything you want to keep out of sight which is really helpful when you don’t have that much closet space.

Also Works as a Sleeping Loft or Guest Bedroom Area


Photos by Rob Lewis

I think ideas and designs like this are a great way to maximize space in an apartment that doesn’t have very much storage.

Or in a situation where you might be converting open space into living space. Like a warehouse, office or storage space.


Pretty cool spin on the bunk bed, isn’t it? I’ve always found custom designed and built furniture to be fascinating because it always looks and works better this way.

Anyway you can also read what Gizmodo and DesignTaxi have to say about it too.

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  • Avatar Cahow

    Bloody Brilliant! Can’t find a single flaw; the man is a genius. 😀

    • Avatar carrie adams

      just plain DITTO to both comments above!
      I like the idea of ‘breaking down’ for easy mobility.

      Now, how to we get a shower/tiny kitchen in there?

    • Avatar Alex

      Agreed.. I think most homes could use one of these somewhere.

      • Avatar Jim

        I may have a new design plan in the workings that cross breeds in two different styles that can work out very well.
        Industrial for its unique appeal and then as well as simplistic rustic touch with some galavanised steel walls along side with some other great ideas I have seen so far.

  • Avatar alice h

    Perfect! Storage for the messy stuff and a nice looking unit all in one. Could even be a hobby space in the enclosed area where you leave stuff in various stages of completion.

    • Avatar Alex

      Good idea on the hobby space!

  • It’s awesome, but I would find a way to incorporate stairs rather than a ladder.

  • Avatar di

    Smart idea for someone with a lot of possessions.

  • Avatar Marsha Cowan

    Just when you think “things tiny” can’t get any more clever, someone up and does it. This is one if the cleverest uses of space I have seen thus far. Great job!

  • Avatar Paul

    There is an apartment set up similar in, I think, Paris. Has the bed upstairs, bathroom, wardrobe, couch all built into the unit… and… stairs to the sleeping. Was converted from a garage… for me personally I think it would work for me better than this unit.

    Garage conversion can be seen at:

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