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This one of a kind modern tiny mountain cabin in Norway is sure to amaze you.

I hope it’ll at least slightly amuse you because it’s definitely something you’ve probably never seen before thanks to the creative entrance into the cabin (see below).

This structure was designed and built by students and architects at Bergen School of Architecture. It was done using mostly scrap wood materials from local mills in the area. As you’ll see, this tiny cabin is modern, sleek, and minimalist. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Modern Tiny Mountain Cabin in Norway


Images © Espen Folgerø, Gunnar Sørås, Helge Skodvin, Marina Magreøy, and Stine Elise Kristoffersen

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I’m excited to show you this tiny lighthouse cabin called the Yolo County Cabin.

It was designed by Butler Armsden Architects and is located on a 400 acre farm in California.

The cabin is inspired by local water towers but I thought calling a lighthouse cabin was appropriate too.

Either way when you go upstairs the tower offers amazing 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape.

But even the main room downstairs is slightly elevated so that it gives you an even more spectacular view outside.

Tiny Lighthouse Cabin with 360 Views


All Images © David Duncan Livingston & Butler Armsden Architects

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After serving as CEO of Virgin America most people would think you’d find Fred Reid in a large luxurious home. But that’s not him. Instead he’s kept his small home and built a tiny cabin as a backyard office as well as an elevated treehouse cabin up in the trees.

I had to share this amazing video, interview and guided tour with you where you get to see his homestead in Sonoma County. This is where his small house, backyard micro cabin, and elevated treehouse are at. And one of the best parts is that his land is located in a Redwoods forest.

Former CEO Builds Small Home, Tiny Cabin & Treehouse

…instead of living in an oversized McMansion. And he explains why below.

Read the original story at on YouTube. If you’d rather have a small home, tiny cabin, and/or treehouse over a McMansion too, help us spread the word using the share buttons below. Thanks!

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In this post I’m showing you a 430 sq. ft. modern cabin in the woods of Chile. And one of its most unique features is the built in nature boardwalk to get to and from it.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to design and build a cabin or tiny house in a setting like this?

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Modern Cabin in the Woods with a Boardwalk Entrance

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I thought you might like this 484 sq. ft. studio house by Alex Nogueira.

It’s a modern design that I see working well as a standalone tiny home (as shown) or as micro apartments.

But this modern tiny cabin is one-of-a-kind and located in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.

A large sliding glass door takes up almost the entire rear wall of the home as you can see below.


In the front of the house, however, it’s not so open. It’s actually very private.. See below:

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