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One of the first steps to living tiny is to downsize one’s belongings. At the end of the day, there simply isn’t enough space to fit 2,000 square feet of stuff into 200 square feet! While decluttering coach Morgan lives in a modest (but not tiny) 1,200 square foot home, her organization advice is relevant to tiny homers as well.

During our interview she mentioned that a home is like a garden — each season it needs care and upkeep — it’s not a “one and done” project. I love that reframing of mind! We constantly need to evaluate what we have, what we need, and what we should pass on in order to live more simply.

Enjoy the pictures below of her mid-century modern home, and then read the Q&A with some advice for decluttering below! Follow her on Instagram here.

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Decluttering Coach’s Humble Home

Morgan’s Mission to Help Others Embrace Minimalism (and her 1,200 sq. ft. home) 3

Images via @humblehomeva

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Pierre and Lea live with their young daughter in a stunning off-grid tiny house perched in the Swiss Alps. It features a giant family-sized bed (no loft!) with amazing under-bed clothing storage drawers, a Montessori-inspired children’s space, and a bathroom with a stunning stone shower.

The home is heated with a large wood-burning stove, and solar panels provide electricity. They have some really clever storage/tiny house hacks including a folding stool that comes out of the cabinets in the kitchen, and embroidery hoops to provide shade/privacy through the circular windows.

Enjoy the lovely tour with Alternative House posted below, and follow the family on Instagram here.

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Their Off-Grid Home with No Loft!

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There are so many reasons to go tiny: To reduce costs, to live “greener,” to travel more — and for Talia, to have a clean and simple living area that helps her live well as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). We got to interview Talia and she tells us more about what it means to be an HSP, her tiny life, and her work helping others live more simply.

Her home was built for her by Mint Tiny Homes in British Columbia, and Talia said she had a great experience with the builder. Inside she has a loft bedroom, comfortable living area, kitchen complete with a farmhouse sink, and a spacious bathroom with a subway tile shower.

Enjoy the photo tour and our Q&A with Talia!

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How Tiny Living Helps this Highly Sensitive Person!

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This is Michelle and her van, Carl, named after the man who sold her the vehicle.

Michelle (@michelle.lawrencee) and her dad transformed her van in just about three months into a super-cozy home that she’s taken around the West Coast. After a variety of jobs/gigs that have funded her travels, Michelle is launching her freelance photography (@michellelawrencephotography) business this year.

Enjoy the photo tour of her van below and be sure to read our Q&A with Michelle about her vanlife at the end of the post!

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Retro Vanlife in California (During Quarantine)

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This is Ida and her gorgeous Mikrohus (Tiny House) in Norway. Originally from Sweden, she lives on the edge of a farm with her beautiful cat Teo, enjoying nature and simple living.

Her home was built by Norske Mikrohus and Ida (@mikrohus_4seasons on Instagram) has done a lovely job decorating it to match her minimalist lifestyle. Living tiny has not only allowed her to have a more sustainable life but it’s also saved her a lot of money. We interviewed her so check out our Q&A at the end of the post to learn more about why she went tiny. Enjoy!

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Minimalist Living in a Tiny House on a Norwegian Farm

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Thinking about going tiny? Wondering what benefits you can expect after simplifying your life and moving into a smaller space?

Whether you end up downsizing into a tiny house on wheels, an apartment, school bus conversion, a little cabin on a foundation, or any other sort of small space, you’ll likely experience most of these benefits.

Which one benefit do you think would have the biggest positive impact on your life?

Top 5 Benefits You’ll Probably Experience by Moving into a Tiny House

Escape One Version 2

Image © ESCAPE

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Sylvie bought a tiny house to have a permanent, full-time home for her and her teenage daughter.

Living tiny gives her more financial freedom. Her house will be paid for in 10 years, and she already has more flexibility to travel and spend time doing what she loves. She also hopes that her new minimalist lifestyle will allow her to help save money for her daughter’s studies when the time comes.

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Mother and Daughter both go tiny and live a minimalist lifestyle to save money and travel

Mother Daughter Tiny House – Exploring Alternatives 5

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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A couple weeks ago we shared Tiffany the Tiny Home by A New Beginning Tiny Homes. Then we heard from Tiffany’s new owners!

Tim and Sam are moving into the house in the next month, and talked to us about their experience finding Tiffany and downsizing their lives. They will share frequent posts about their new minimalist life on their blog, Tiffany the Tiny Home, which you can follow here.

See pictures of Tiffany below, and read our interview with Tim and Sam below the pictures! You can also see more pictures in our previous post about Tiffany here.

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Tiffany the Tiny Home: Owner Interview

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This is Mike Blue’s story about living in a van and traveling Northern Sumatra.

Be inspired by his minimalist adventures and read more at The Consumption Cleanse.

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

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Northern Sumatra Van Life: One Man’s Story

Images via Mike Blue

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