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Rebekah worked closely with the designers at Mini Mansions Tiny Homes to create the THOW of her dreams. It’s the first place she’s lived on her own, and includes such an incredible amount of storage, including a regular-sized closet.

She has plenty of space for entertaining, and even a separate guest loft (although she confesses it’s really her cat’s loft 99% of the time, ha!). The best part? She’s decorated the home with a plethora of plants that give it such life.

Enjoy the video tour with Tiny Home Tours below.

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On Her Own in This Plant-Tastic THOW

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This is Mini Mansions Tiny Home Builder‘s 20’ Chic Shack Lime Green THOW that’s for sale.

I went through this terrible phase in middle school of wanting everything — from my shoes to my backpack — to be lime green. Instead of embodying my 13-year-old self’s idea of fashion, Mini Mansions creates a bright, classy and chic home with grey bead board, white trim and just the right number of beautiful lime green touches worthy of a true adult (Love that door!).

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Mini Mansion Chic Shack Lime Green THOW

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