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This is Culture Campsite, a campsite with a collection of micro shelters you can stay at in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The cabins can be locked from the inside as well as the outside, and bed linens are included.

There are currently twelve structures (or objects, as they are called) to choose from, all with their own styles, quirks, and originations. Sanitary facilities are available on the campsite, as well as a common living room and terrace. The kitchen has all the necessary cooking supplies, and food, drinks, and snacks are available for purchase. Wifi is also included. Which is your favorite?

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Quirky Micro Shelters in this Rotterdam Campsite

Culture Campsite at Rotterdam 001

Images via Culture Campsite

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This is a cargo trailer tiny house conversion that’s for sale in Miami, Florida.

It’s built on a 16′ trailer. The dimensions are 16′ long, 7’3″ wide, and 10’3″ high. Great for camping.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Cargo Trailer to Tiny House Camper Conversion in Miami

Cargo Trailer Tiny House Conversion For Sale in Miami

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This is the Cabaña Verónica.

It’s a tiny mountain refuge in Spain.

The micro shelter was built using materials from an old USS warship!

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Cabaña Verónica

Cabaña Verónica 001

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This is a minimalist, mobile, floating micro shelter that you can tow by bicycle.

It’s called the Water Bed and was created by a Royal College of Art graduate named Daniel Durnin.

Designed to be a nomadic structure, it offers you a mobile hostel where you can camp in urban rivers or use at campsites. It features large windows and is lightweight so you can easily tow it with your bicycle.

Would you ever use something like this for your own adventures and explorations? Or do you think it’s a possible solution to help homeless people? Let’s talk about it in the comments. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Minimalist, Mobile, Floating Micro Shelter You Can Tow by Bike

Water Bed by Daniel Durnin 01

Images © Daniel Durnin via Inhabitat.com

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Although not practical as a full time living space I thought you’d still enjoy seeing these B-and-BEE Stackable Micro Shelters because they’re interesting and can be useful in lots of different situations.

They were created by Belgian designers/supporters at Archilles Design, One Small Step, Compaan, and Labeur as a way for people to better enjoy festivals. But as soon as I saw them I thought how they can also be used as emergency shelters, napping pods, ‘glamping’, camping, and more.

And it’s all put together and stacked using a ‘honeycomb shelter’ design. They’re easy to set up and can be stacked four high with a staircase system added for upstairs access.

B-and-BEE Stackable Micro Shelters


Images: Archilles Design

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I wanted to show you these modern micro shelters built out of Sydney, Australia.

They can be used in combination to create a community of micro homes.

Or they can be creatively used to create your own tiny housing compound.

In this situation you might have 1-3 structures total to make up your home.

For example you can use one for living and sleeping, another for working and a third for bathing.

Multi-functional Modern Micro Shelter Pods


© Tom Ferguson

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