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Modern Micro Shelter Pods You Can Use for Tiny Living and Working

I wanted to show you these modern micro shelters built out of Sydney, Australia.

They can be used in combination to create a community of micro homes.

Or they can be creatively used to create your own tiny housing compound.

In this situation you might have 1-3 structures total to make up your home.

For example you can use one for living and sleeping, another for working and a third for bathing.

Multi-functional Modern Micro Shelter Pods


© Tom Ferguson

The Living Pavilion


Covered Walkway to Connect to your other Shelter Pods


Or they can simply connect to your normal house and you can use one of these as a micro guest cabin, backyard office, studio, etc.


View to the Outdoor Porch from Inside


Living Room

Southern-Highlands-Home-06 Southern-Highlands-Home-07 Southern-Highlands-Home-08

Images: Tom Ferguson

Architects: Benn & Penna

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  • Avatar Paul

    While I actually like this… I think calling them micro shelters is stretching it a bit. But it’s true, our cousins across the ditch can do it too… well done from Kiwiland. : )

  • Where’s the kitchen,bathroom and storage?

    • Avatar Cahow

      “Where’s the kitchen,bathroom and storage?”

      Probably in the 10,000 sq.ft. main home. LOL

      (just kidding) Many of these “homes” are just rooms, NOT self-sustaining HOMES.

      • Avatar Wil

        The whole point of these articles is to look at all kinds of structural idea and glean ideas from each. It’s too bad that so many couch readers a really quick to bash someone else’s hard work just because it does not fit into their own idea or look like a tumbleweed

  • Avatar Judiel

    Very appeling design but it is not practical for a home… It’s just an eye catcher.

  • Avatar Robert

    Very Cool design. .
    would love to have one or more. .
    but what’s the cost??

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