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This is a micro-housing design called Live Between Buildings because it’s designed to be built in-between buildings in large cities.

The concept is created by Danish designers Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann called New Vision of the Loft 2.

Potential residents need to be nimble because the homes feature ladders, staircases, a climbing wall, swing, and a hammock. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Micro-housing Live Between Buildings in Big Cities

Micro-housing Live Between Buildings in Big Cities

Images © Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann via TreeHugger

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Charles Strong is sharing his 8×12 tiny house design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.

“I have been in the construction trade for longer than I care to think about, first as a worker bee, then got into the design end of things. I am a free lance draftsman and do mostly detailing for steel fabricators on large commercial projects, with occasional ventures in architectural design. Became interested in the tiny house concept a couple years ago when considering some options for my son’s property and my own future retirement and began experimenting with various plan concepts, even gave them a name- D’weelings Designs. I found your newsletter site while doing research and have been enjoying it ever since. The contest motivated me to finish up some ideas for submittal and here’s the results. Thanks for the push and opportunity to contribute.”

Charles Strong’s 8×12 Tiny House Design


Images © Charles Strong

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Adam Rasmussen is sharing his amazing tiny two-fer house design as part of our 2015 8×12 tiny house design contest.

I love how this design incorporates outdoor space in its design. In a place where I live, like Florida, I think this would be awesome.

Please enjoy Adam’s simple yet incredible tiny house design and re-share it with your tiny house friends using the social and email share buttons below. Thank you!

Adam Rasmussen’s Tiny Two-fer House Design


Images © Adam Rasmussen

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This 425 sq. ft. micro apartment in Manhattan has been wonderfully renovated called the MicroLoft. Back in the 1990s it was purchased for about $95,000.

Years later it was renovated for a cost of $400,000 for a client to make every square inch inside count and I’m showing you here so you can get an idea of what you can really do with a small amount of space. And, of course, we can implement the same ideas in here ourselves (if you’re a DIY person) and not pay any where nearly as much money.

Louise Harpman, founding partner of Specht Harpman, says that the demand for small spaces right now is huge and it continues to grow in many areas across the country. She also talks about other designs like the ZeroHouse that they are developing and offering.

Manhattan Micro Apartment Transformation


Images © Taggart Sorenson

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We estimate this backyard tiny house has almost 200 sq. ft. of space inside.

A reader, who sent the photos in, says it’s about 10′ x 20′ which looks about right.

I don’t have that much information on this but this was probably really affordable to build.

The design isn’t the best because there’s no dedicated bedroom space. The living area is multifunctional and serves as bedroom, living area, office, and shower. The toilet is probably in the outhouse shed you can see in the first photo below.

200 Sq. Ft. Backyard Tiny House


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Although not practical as a full time living space I thought you’d still enjoy seeing these B-and-BEE Stackable Micro Shelters because they’re interesting and can be useful in lots of different situations.

They were created by Belgian designers/supporters at Archilles Design, One Small Step, Compaan, and Labeur as a way for people to better enjoy festivals. But as soon as I saw them I thought how they can also be used as emergency shelters, napping pods, ‘glamping’, camping, and more.

And it’s all put together and stacked using a ‘honeycomb shelter’ design. They’re easy to set up and can be stacked four high with a staircase system added for upstairs access.

B-and-BEE Stackable Micro Shelters


Images: Archilles Design

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Remember Alek’s amazing DIY tiny house on wheels that I showed you a while back?

If you haven’t seen it be sure you check it out because it’s one of my favorite designs.

And now I’m glad to announce that Alek has made the plans available for us to purchase.

This means you can download the plans and build a tiny home just like theirs.

Or you can take the SketchUp File he provides and customize it to your own needs more specifically (if you wanted).

The Tiny Project Tiny House Plans and SketchUp Files


See and learn more (for free) below before you buy:

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His name is Gregory Kloehn, an artist in Oakland, California who is building micro houses for homeless people in his area.

In the past, I’ve featured one of Kloehn’s earlier creations which were a micro house he built out of a garbage container.

Instead of trying to create art so that rich people will buy it from him now he’s decided to build tiny homes directly for those who need them most.

He dumpster dives until he has enough materials to build a one-room shelter for a homeless person.

Artist Builds Mobile Micro Houses for Homeless

Homeless Shelter Micro House

All Images © Gregory Kloehn / Brian J. Reynolds

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This YMCA in London has began launching (approved!) affordable shipping container housing (MyPads) in London.

The shipping container micro housing units are so small that they easily fit in parking lots and campuses. And they’re stackable too.

This is already giving two people a chance to live affordably without having to stress about money so much while working and getting their education.

And the YMCA is already planning on deploying several more units as soon as possible to meet the demand of over 100 (and growing) other people in the area on a list wanting to live in one too.

According to the video you can watch below they cost just over $30k each.

Affordable Shipping Container Housing in London Approved

I encourage you to learn more by watching the video with YMCA director and getting the video tour of one of these micro shipping container homes below:
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