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Michael Ostaski is an artist who started his career by traveling in his original house truck while going to events and sharing his art with people.

Today I’m showing you Michael’s 1999 Sterling House Truck because it’s still available (for sale) and he’s lowering the price to $70,000 (USD).

I’m also here to bring up another idea… Have you ever thought of building your tiny house right onto the frame of a diesel truck like this one? Why would you or why wouldn’t you? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

Artist Builds Custom ’99 Sterling House Truck Now For Sale


Images © Michael Ostaski

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Right now I’m glad to be showing you Michael Ostaski’s latest build which is a 1999 Sterling House Truck hand built by the artist himself.

It’s 32′ long, 8′ wide, and 12’6″ tall. Weighs about 24,000 lbs and has a 5.9 Turbo Cummins Diesel to power it. And yes, this one has power steering (unlike The Rose).

Inside there’s about 256 sq. ft. of interior space for you to enjoy. You’ll find a full kitchen, bathroom, living area, and more inside. Plus there’s A/C, a gas furnace, electric fireplace, and an Onan Generator on board. Plus much more. Complete details are available for you below along with a complete photo tour. Please enjoy and re-share if you’d like to.

’99 Sterling Diesel Roadrunner House Truck For Sale


Images © Michael Ostaski

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The Rose Housetruck For Sale is a guest post/for sale listing by Michael Ostaski

This is a chance to own a classic piece of American history. I use to live in this house on wheels and traveled on the road for many years up and down the California/Oregon/Washington coast but now however I have retired it from the road and I have parked it on several different pieces of land. This truck makes a great “Tiny Home”. It has an incredible history and is a one of a kind.

So what you have here is a hand built totally custom home on wheels. It’s been called a “land yacht”. It’s very comfortable, has many features, and can be upgraded to have a little more modern comforts such as solar, wi-fi, etc.

Update: Price reduced!

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1948 International Housetruck Tiny Home For Sale


Images © Michael Ostaski

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Since first introducing you to Michael Ostaski and his two amazing housetrucks I’ve also shared a couple of interviews and a video tour featuring one of his very first tiny homes which allowed him to become the artist he is today.

Right now I want to show you a video of his latest tiny house project which is a 1999 Sterling semi truck converted into a home so you can get excited about it too. And if like what Michael’s doing, get excited, because he will soon be announcing the potential sale of his housetrucks so he can possibly continue building more.

Michael Ostaski’s 1999 Sterling Housetruck Tiny Home Video Tour


Images © Michael Ostaski/YouTube

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I’ve shown you two of Michael Ostaski’s amazing housetruck tiny homes before.

Right now I’d like to show you a video so you can learn even more about his first housetruck which he actually lived in for many years.

And if you’re interested I want you to stay tuned because Michael has some special announcements for us coming soon.

Below, you get to see and hear Michael’s story of how he started building his first housetruck when he was around 23 years old and lived in it for around 18 years. By now it’s been remodeled 6 times!

Video Tour of Michael Ostaski’s 1st Housetruck Tiny Home


Images © YouTube/artexplosion

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This story on housetruck tiny homes is a guest post by Michael Ostaski (builder)

Alex, I’m a big fan of your newsletter, and wanted to introduce myself.

I have a few new developments in my life and would like to share them with the tiny house community.

First off I have been an artist gypsy my whole life, I have built 4 house trucks and the interiors of several more in my time.

1999 Sterling Housetruck Tiny Home by Michael Ostaski


Images © Michael Ostaski

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