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Video: Michael Ostaski’s 1999 Sterling Housetruck

Since first introducing you to Michael Ostaski and his two amazing housetrucks I’ve also shared a couple of interviews and a video tour featuring one of his very first tiny homes which allowed him to become the artist he is today.

Right now I want to show you a video of his latest tiny house project which is a 1999 Sterling semi truck converted into a home so you can get excited about it too. And if like what Michael’s doing, get excited, because he will soon be announcing the potential sale of his housetrucks so he can possibly continue building more.

Michael Ostaski’s 1999 Sterling Housetruck Tiny Home Video Tour


Images © Michael Ostaski/YouTube

michael-ostaski-1999-sterling-housetruck-tiny-home-on-wheels-0002 michael-ostaski-1999-sterling-housetruck-tiny-home-on-wheels-0003 michael-ostaski-1999-sterling-housetruck-tiny-home-on-wheels-0004

Images © Michael Ostaski/YouTube

VIDEO: 1999 Sterling Housetruck Tiny House

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Huge thanks to Michael Ostaski for sharing your rolling home projects with us and inspiring all of us with your artistic creations!

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  • Avatar Brian

    Thanks for sharing and you sure have some energy. Cheers from Australia.

    • Avatar Alex

      Glad you liked it Brian! He does have some amazing energy. I’m excited for his comeback to the housetruck world. Cheers!

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