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This is Marsha’s truck camper which she still owns here in 2021 and has actually completely remodeled it.

In this post, she shows you the remodel and describes what she did to make improvements to her little truck camper. Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks! 🙂

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Her 2021 Truck Camper Improvements 🙂


© Marsha Cowan

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Most of you know Marsha and her famous tiny house builds that she has so graciously shared with us over the years. This is an update on her 8×8 shed tiny house since she added a customized French door.

From her micro houses to her short-bus skoolie conversion, to her more recent truck-bed micro cottage and her shed tiny house in Denton, North Carolina, Marsha has built quite a number of micro and tiny homes. In this post, you’ll get to see the latest improvements to her 8×8 shed-based tiny home! The most notable improvement is that she replaced a standard white exterior door with a custom French door which makes the world of a difference! Check it out!

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She Added A Custom French Door To Her Shed Tiny House

Marshas Shed Tiny House New Door

© Marsha Cowan

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You may already know Marsha Cowan. She who recently sold her Tiny Red Bus, remember?

Marsha has also built another tiny cottage before, on a 14′ trailer, you can see that one here. It’s known as The Darling Tiny House and one of our wonderful readers even shared an illustration of it here. And before that, she built one called The Nest. So she’s no stranger to building! And today, I’m here to share the continuation of Marsha’s tiny house journey with you. So grab a hot cup of tea or coffee and enjoy, in her own words and images, below. 🙂

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Marsha Builds Her Next Tiny Home for Only $4.5k

Woman Builds Her Own Tiny House for Only $4,500!

© Marsha Cowan

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This School Bus Tiny Cottage Lifestyle Update is a guest post by Marsha Cowan – share yours!

I came home from Arizona to North Carolina to visit with my family for the summer (am parked in my daughter’s driveway), and while here have been able to do some renovations on the tiny red bus in which I live full time in an RV park in Arizona. Almost finished! When I do get finished (hopefully in the next week) and cleaned up, I’ll send some pictures, though the solar vent fan/light I ordered from Lowe’s won’t get in until it is time to leave to go back, so that will have to be installed after I get back to AZ.

Some of the changes have been a stained/varnished floor, new boxcar shelves, blinds on the windows, and Plexiglas shutters on the back windows. There are a few other changes as well that have made life so much easier for me, but as usual, I am still off grid. Can I put in a plug for Goal Zero, my new hero? Lol!

Here are the pictures of the remodeling on my tiny red bus which I call Baby Boy. The biggest improvement was the stained and varnished floor. As with the partitions in the bus which have worked out so well, I used 1×6 pine fencing to do the floor. It only took me about $20 worth, then small cans of stain and marine varnish. So far it has been very easy to keep clean!

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Marsha’s School Bus Tiny Cottage Lifestyle Update

IMG_1853 (1)

Images © Marsha Cowan

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This is the story of how Marsha Turned This Short School Bus Into Her ‘Motor-Cottage’.

Hi, Alex and Tiny House Newsletter readers, you may not remember me, but you posted an article about my first tiny house called “My Darling”, made with recycled barn wood and a blue door.

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Living Tiny In A Skoolie Short Bus Conversion


Images © Marsha Cowan

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“The Nest” is a tiny house on wheels (6’x6′) with a storage loft. It’s my second tiny house. You can see my first one, “The Darling” here.

I lived in this one for 7 months, then because I was making plans to work in AZ in a contract position, and would be going back and forth from AZ to NC so much, I sold that tiny house and bought a tiny bus.

It was green with a stained door. You can see it all below.

The Nest Tiny House on a Trailer


Images © Marsha Cowan

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I bought a 14′ trailer, but because of poor construction, had to build a 10′ long house instead which meant really changing the plans, but now that I have it, I absolutely love it.

It is built mostly from scraps, bargains, and recycled materials including old 100 year old stable boards from which I pulled a gallon bucket full of old rusty nails.

The boards were used for the outside and inside of the home and add a very warm rustic feel against which I put a lot of white trim and furniture. There is a composting toilet.

I worked on the house for 2 years and I lived in it for 6 months and sold it so I could build one that I’d be able to pull with my car (The Nest Tiny House). I even built an off grid solar generator for some power, so now I sleep with a fan pulling in wonderful cool air through the windows. It’s great!

My Darling Tiny House on Wheels


Images © Marsha Cowan

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