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This is The Drake Tiny House by Land Ark RV out of Buena Vista, Colorado. The tiny house sleeps up to 7 people and offers approximately 357-square-feet of space if you include the lofts. It’s built on a 30-foot tri-axle trailer.

The kitchen has a 10.1-cubic-foot stainless steel refrigerator, 3-burner stainless steel LP gas oven, wall-mounted stainless steel cooktop vent, solid surface countertops, modern kitchen sink, black matte faucet, custom cabinets, and upper open shelving.

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The Drake Tiny House on Wheels by Land Ark RV

The Drake Tiny House by Land Ark RV 001

Images © Land Ark RV

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This is a transparent tiny house in Waipara, South Island, New Zealand. It’s a vacation tiny home nestled over Waipara Valley. The most amazing part? The tiny house has transparent glass ceilings, walls, and floors so you can take in the incredible views at any moment of the day.

Inside, you’ve got a king-size bed, a dining area, and bathroom. Outdoor amenities include a barbecue grill, outdoor seats, and a deck. What do you think of the transparent walls, ceilings, and floors? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done before in a tiny home to this extent.

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Transparent Tiny House with Glass Walls, Ceilings, and Floors Nestled Over Waipara Valley in New Zealand

Transparent Tiny House on Waipara Valley in New Zealand Glass Walls Ceilings Floors 001

Images via Glamping Hub

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This is the 40ft Elmore Tiny House by Movable Roots.

It boasts about 500 sq. ft. of space inside with two sleeping lofts, a main floor bedroom, a screened-in front porch, luxurious kitchen, and more.

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500 Sq. Ft. Elmore Tiny House on Wheels by Movable Roots with Main Floor Bedroom, Double Lofts, and More!

The Elmore Tiny House by Movable Roots 001

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This $695,000 tiny A-frame cabin is modern and luxurious. The home and property offers amazing views with a wonderful outdoor spa.

Located on Waiheke Island, in New Zealand, it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind property. From here you can take a three minute drive to the beach, a nearby shopping village, or the grocery store.

The pricing definitely doesn’t fall in line with the word affordable, but the inspiration it offers costs us nothing, right? So I’m still excited to bring it to your attention. And if you are financially wealthy and want to downsize, this is an awesome option, isn’t it?

Modern and Luxurious Tiny A-frame Cabin

Modern and Luxurious Tiny A-frame Cabin 001

Images © Trademe.co.nz

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Right now I’m glad to be showing you the Caboose cabin designed by Wheelhaus. It’s a luxurious 400 sq. ft. cabin with 100 sq. ft. front porch measuring 12′ x 34′.

Wheelhaus focuses on designing and building Park Model homes small in size but big on quality and durability with a growing line of models to choose from and a resort in Wyoming for you to try before you by if you want to.

This is a Park Model rolling cabin (on wheels) which means it is mobile. Please enjoy and re-share below if you’d like to.

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400 Sq. Ft. Caboose Cabin by Wheelhaus


Images © Wheelhaus

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This is the Wedge cabin by Wheelhaus. It’s a luxurious and ultra-beautiful 400-square-foot tiny home with an additional 100-square-foot porch.

At 12′ x 34′, this little house is considered a park model home. And yes, it is built on a trailer so it can be moved. If you’re interested, you can order one of these gorgeous tiny homes and you can also even book a vacation in one too to try it out first! What do you think?

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400 Sq. Ft. Cabin by Wheelhaus: The Wedge


Images © Wheelhaus

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From the outside, it looks like a classic tiny stone cabin.

At 350 sq. ft. it’s tiny to some, small to others, and spacious for few.

When you step inside you unexpectedly feel like you’re in a modern, woodsy, and yet rustic micro cabin all at the same time.

I encourage you to enjoy the tour of this modern/classic tiny stone cabin below so you can see what I mean. And let me know your opinion on it in the comments below.

Modern, Rustic and Woodsy Tiny Stone Cabin

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