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I had to share this story of a man who converted an old tool shed into a beautiful micro cabin for he and his fiance so they can live mortgage-free.

He took an 8′ x 12′ tool shed and added insulation, windows, sheet rock and electricity.

Since he and his fiance work a lot they really just use a 96 sq. ft. minimalist cabin to rest and sleep at night.

Man Converts Tool Shed into Debt-free Micro Home

Learn why and how he did it in the video/interview and tour below:

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So what do you think it would be like to live in a shed? Would you do it? How would you convert a shed into a tiny home? What do you think it would need?

I’ve always wondered this… Especially whenever I pass by one of those places where they sell sheds. Some of them look like they could be a comfortable home for me. Really.

The one pictured below looks VERY SMALL. Enough room for a couch that turns into a bed, a tiny kitchen and a desk. Oh and a place to put a composting toilet bucket I guess?!

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