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This is a prototype for the Escape Sport, a lightweight fiberglass travel trailer concept from Escape Traveler. A little secret, there are actually 3 of these built, and Escape is looking to sell them right now at a discount. Check availability and info on their sales page right here. Pricing for the Sport starts at $24,800.

Personally, I think these are awesome because they are super lightweight, all-fiberglass, sleep 4, and they even have a kitchen and bathroom. It also has solar-power and weighs about 2,500 pounds. The Sport is 12’6″ in length (16’8″ with hitch), 7’4″ wide, and 8’8″ tall. Full specs below. What do you think?

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Lightweight Fiberglass Travel Trailer from Escape Traveler (3 RARE UNITS AVAILABLE)

Escape Sport Fiberglass Travel Trailer Prototypes 001

© Escape

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This is a lightweight handcrafted micro camper built by American Wagon Company out of Willamina, Oregon.

I learned about them thanks to Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey who posted about them on her Instagram and so I was excited to share it with you because it looks like a great solution for a lightweight travel trailer that looks and feels like a tiny house or cabin. What do you think?

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American Wagon Company’s Lightweight Micro Campers (Hand-built in the USA)

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This is the story of Jas and the lightweight popup micro-camper that he can easily tow with his compact car.

It’s a pop-up camper – it’s ultra-lightweight – and he designed and built it himself.

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How he built a lightweight pop-up micro-camper

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Right now I want to show you this incredible and lightweight Taku-Tanku tiny house on wheels created by Stereotank and Takahiro Fukuda that you can tow with a bicycle, on foot, or even with a boat.

It’s great because it’s designed to be made from two 670 gallon water tanks which of course can be recycled. And, it’s really easy to assemble, too. The tanks are connected by a rectangle of wood.

How about that? A micro home that you don’t have to spend 1-2 years building… And you can tow it with a bicycle if you wanted to!

Lightweight, Portable & Reclaimed Water Tank Tiny House


Images: Stereotank

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