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One of the easiest ways to keep costs down in a tiny house is to build it tinier! A 16-foot THOW is about as small as we usually see them, and this one features an elevator bed, which is an awesome way to increase your floor space without a loft or even a futon/dinette that requires making it and unmaking it daily.

There’s also a fold-down porch off the front which allows for more outdoor living space when the weather is good. The compact galley kitchen has a fridge and sink and small toaster oven and microwave. The bathroom in the back has a toilet and shower. It’s for sale for $35K in Colorado Springs.

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Compact THOW w/ Front Porch & No Loft

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This is a 36ft tiny house w/ a rooftop deck that’s off to Hawaii. It’s built by Living Tiny, LLC, a tiny home builder out of Oklahoma. It features a main-floor bedroom with a ceiling-lift bed to save space and be able to use the space for more than just sleeping. That’s pretty cool!

We just build a 36’ x 8.5’ Tiny house with a rooftop deck for one of our clients in Hawaii!

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36ft Tiny House w/Rooftop Deck in Hawaii Built by Living Tiny Oklahoma


Images © Living Tiny Oklahoma

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This is Marc’s wheelchair-friendly tiny house on wheels built by Tiny Idahomes.

It’s a custom 28ft model ‘Toy Hauler’ with a slide out, grab bars, lift bed, platform deck, slide-out wheelchair ramp, and more! Enjoy the full tour (and video) below. Thanks!

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Tiny Idahomes Builds Wheelchair-Friendly ‘Toy Hauler’ Tiny Home

Marc's Wheelchair-Friendly Tiny House

© Tiny Idahomes

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