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Carole Lyne Robin is an impressive and inspiring woman and we love that she has designed her life around what is most important to her.

She’s a freelance photographer who helped build her own tiny house so that she could afford to live where she wants (off-grid in the bush!) and spend more time with the people and projects she loves.

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She Built Her Dream Tiny House To Live Life Her Way… With Solar-Power And More!

Northern Robin Tiny House 1

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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“A mother lives in a 270-square-foot tiny house with her 2 children and 2 dogs. Here’s what it’s like inside,” is the title of the story over at Insider by Frank Olito who did the story on Amanda Burger and her tiny house life in Florida.

According to the story, before going tiny, she lived in a 2800-square-foot home. After separating from her spouse, she decided to downsize into a tiny house. What do you think?

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This is the story of a young couple, Sam and Mary, who wanted to live tiny but also plan on starting a family.

So they decided to design and build a tiny house on wheels that would accommodate that! And they went from apartment, to tiny house thanks to the help of their builder, Mint Tiny Homes. Here’s their story thanks to Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey.

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Couple Design Tiny House With Family In Mind

youtu.be-CALeQ5-ru-A (6)

Images via Tiny House Giant Journey/YouTube

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This is the story of a family of four living in a farmhouse-style tiny house with a playground built-in to their backyard!

This has to be the best family tiny house I’ve ever seen. Their kids must love it! And they (the parents) seem very happy as well. Be sure to watch the video below thanks to Living Big In A Tiny House.

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Family of Four’s Farmhouse-style Tiny House with Amazing Outdoor Space

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This is the story of a young couple who are striving for a zero-waste tiny house lifestyle.

What does that mean? Not only do they live in a 133-square-foot tiny home, but they are lowering their impact on the environment in other ways too. See how in the video tour below brought to you from Jenna at Tiny House Giant Journey.

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Couple striving for zero-waste lifestyle in their 133-square-foot tiny home on wheels in Olympia, Washington

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This is Jenna’s new tiny house porch! She just moved her tiny home to a new location, in the woods, so it was just the right time to finally fulfill her dream of adding a covered porch to her tiny house build! And it looks so awesome, doesn’t it?😍

That’s one of the things about homeownership, you really never stop making improvements, right? Well, it’s the same with tiny home ownership, too, which is why Jenna, of Tiny House Giant Journey, added this beautiful new covered porch to her tiny house on wheels after securing a cozy new spot in the woods. It’s a nice and very worthwhile addition to her tiny house, isn’t it? What do you think?

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Jenna Added a Porch to her Tiny House on Wheels

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This is Matt and Lisa’s mind-blowing tiny home on wheels. It features a jet black exterior finish which compliments the modern design. Their tiny house also has an abundance of large windows including skylights along the entire roof. You can tell right away that this is a very special and one-of-a-kind tiny home. One of the most unique features about it is the double shower in the bathroom. Yes, this tiny house has two showers in the same bathroom. As it turns out, Matt is a professional bathroom remodeler/builder.

Another unique feature of this tiny house is the extra ceiling height which allows you to stand up before laying down in bed in your loft. I love this! So if you sometimes feel claustrophobic I think it might be different in this loft, what do you think? Currently, the top comment on the Living Big In A Tiny House YouTube video tour for this home reads, “This is probably the most beautiful tiny house ever.” What do you think, is it true?

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Couple’s Modern Tiny Home w/ His and Hers Showers in the Bathroom

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Ever wonder what to do about a Christmas tree when you’re living in a tiny house? There’s definitely more than one solution to this problem, but here’s what one tiny house family decided to do about it…

We wanted to reach out and share our solution for a tiny house Christmas tree right outside the window of our 204 sf tiny house on wheels. ☺️

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How One Family Solved the Christmas Tree Problem in Their Tiny House

Tiny House Family's Christmas Tree Solution

Images © Shedsistence

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This is the story of a former hoarder who moved into a tiny house with her two cats. Her name is Jen and she also runs a business out of her tiny home!

Jen used to be a hoarder and her “things” were controlling her life. Now she has downsized into a beautiful, clutter-free Tiny House with her two kitties.1

Her tiny house was built by Incredible Tiny Homes and it even has a built-in water collection system.

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She used to be a hoarder, but now she lives tiny, clutter-free, and even runs a business w/ inventory from her tiny house

Former Hoarder Goes Tiny with her Two Cats and Home Business Image © Tiny House Giant Journey

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

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