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This is the story of how a woman is building tiny hobbit-style homes in Chelan, Washington.

Her name is Kristie Wolfe, and if the name rings a bell, it’s because she also built a DIY tiny home in Hawaii with her mom that you can vacation in if you want to.

Her next project is a set of hobbit-style tiny homes in the Washington mountains. This one is designed as if a carpenter was living in it so it features a lot of those elements. It’s a 288 sq. ft. buried and stick-framed cabin on 5.5 acres. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Woman Building Tiny Hobbit-style Homes in Chelan, WA

Kristie Wolfe Hobbit Hole Tiny Cabin in the Washington Mountains 001

Images © Kristie Wolfe

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This is the story of Kristie Wolfe and how she built her own 230-square-foot tiny cabin in Hawaii in the course of two months for only $11,000! This was after she had built her own 97-square-foot tiny house on wheels in Idaho for just $5,000. But she just couldn’t stop there.

So after a few years, she decided she would buy her own plot of land in Hawaii. She did sight unseen, for $8,000. This would be the location of her second tiny home. Later, she and her mom built the house together using only $11,000 in material cost and two months of labor together. What a cool way to bond, right!

This tiny cabin is 15-ft by 15-ft and sits up on stilts. It’s completely off-grid meaning you even have to rely on rain for water. Don’t worry, she’s got a nice rainwater system set up here. There are even rooftop solar panels for electricity and propane for cooking and heating. Today, the unit is a vacation rental that you can actually book on Airbnb. So what do you think, could you design/build your own tiny house kind of like this?

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VIDEO: She built a 230-square-foot off-grid tiny cabin on stilts in Hawaii with her mom’s help… Here’s how they did it:

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This is the story of Kristie Wolfe’s second tiny house. She started by building her own 96-square-foot tiny home on wheels in Idaho. She built that home for only $5,000 and it gave her a foundation to be able to travel, pursue her interests, and even buy her own land in Hawaii to build her SECOND tiny home!

She and her mom actually built it together and it’s super awesome. In fact, they’ve turned it into a vacation rental that you can book on Airbnb while they’re not there enjoying it themselves. She bought the land for $8,000 sight unseen and proceeded to build the cabin for another $11,000 in costs. Not bad, right?

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Woman’s Second Tiny Home She Built Together w/ her Mom… Now it’s a Hawaiian Treehouse Vacation🌴😍

She built her SECOND tiny home in Hawaii WITH LAND for only $19,000 Images © TinyHouseOnThePrairie/AirbnbImages © TinyHouseOnThePrairie/Airbnb

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Most of the time we talk about tiny houses as our only home.

But have you ever considered owning multiple tiny homes, if you could?

After reading Laura’s post on tiny house living in the city versus the country, it really got me thinking about this.

Instead of one large house or condo, you’d have two- or maybe even more- small spaces in different locations.

For example, someone might decide they want to have a home in town and another out in the country with no neighbors.

Multiple Tiny House Ownership?

What are your thoughts on multiple tiny house ownership? Would you do it? I’ll leave you with my thoughts below:

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