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This is Aiko’s 260 sq. ft. apartment in Japan.

She used a multifunctional coffee table to create a living room that easily transforms into a dining room.

Since the apartment has 11.5ft ceilings, Aiko was able to take advantage of the vertical space too. So the bedroom hovers over the kitchen, and the bathroom is slightly elevated with storage underneath.

Aiko’s 269 Sq. Ft. Multifunctional Tiny Apartment in Japan

Aikos 269 Square Feet Apartment in Japan 001

Images © IKEA

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This is a modern tiny house on wheels with an amazing interior deisgn.

Originally it was listed for sale on Craigslist out of Denver, Colorado for $60,000, but it has since then sold. Still, though, you can enjoy the beautiful interior design of this tiny home for your enjoyment and inspiration.

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8′ x 24′ Tiny House on Wheels, Nice Interior Design!

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In this video IKEA interior designer Ray shows you a 430 square feet (40 square meters) that sleeps six people using IKEA furniture.

The space is very open. Three sets of bunk beds surround the dining table which is used for eating and working.

A corner of the tiny home is used as a music and reading area. And there’s a large kitchen with open storage and lots of vertical storage throughout the entire home.

How Six Adults Live in 430 Sq. Ft. Small Space



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Hot on the heels of his e-Cours(E), Small Home, Big Life, Andrew Odom is at it again with a new online offering.

This one is super cool and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.

Drew is going to teach us all how to decorate our tiny homes in style!

Gourmet kitchen in the Drew's own house.

Gourmet kitchen in the Drew’s own house.

I love this idea that your tiny house doesn’t have to be just a rustic wood cabin. There are so many possible options available and the only thing limiting you is your imagination. Well, maybe the space a little. I would love to see someone put a slide in their tiny house!  (Anyone want to accept that challenge – Deek?)

I encourage you to read more of my thoughts below.

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If you’re like me and you also live in a small space like a tiny house or a micro apartment..

Then you probably are looking for comfortable arm chairs that won’t make your place seem cluttered or too small.

That’s why I gathered 10 outstanding arm chair designs that will work for almost any small home or office.

How to Choose the Right Arm Chair for a Tiny House

For each chair to make the list it had to meet a few simple requirements:

  • It must have longer than normal legs

Why long legs? Because in a tiny homes, these things matter. The long legs allow you to see through the area underneath the chair. This creates the perception that there’s more space. Last but not least:

  • It must be comfortable to sit and read in
  • It must look good to the eye
  • It should be affordable and durable

Let’s move on to the top 6 arm chairs we found for small spaces:

Top 6 Arm Chair Designs for Small Spaces

6. IKEA Poang Armchair with Cushion

IKEA Armchair for Small Apartments

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Lighting is one of the most important ways to define a space and make it feel comfortable and inviting.

It’s also an opportunity to indulge your creativity and individuality.

There are two basic types of lighting to consider: daylighting and artificial lighting.

Today’s post looks at daylighting and how to design a space to take advantage of the free, high-quality light from the sun.

Daylighting: Lighting Design for Tiny Houses

Daylight is a wonderful resource and you should use it for as much of your lighting as possible during the day.

This tiny house, by Leaf House, uses daylighting to full advantage.

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Here is a 500 square foot small apartment that was designed for the owners not only to live in but also work out of and use as an office.

The first thing you’ll notice is how incredibly clean and organized it looks. The designers incorporated seamless design throughout the place making storage look pretty much invisible.

If you like the pine interiors of some of the Tumbleweed tiny houses that you’ve seen on here, then you’ll probably like this studio apartment too. And there are so many cool features…

  • Below the upstairs bedroom loft, you get a walk in closet for storage
  • On the way up to the loft, you can use the stairs as camouflage storage
  • Plants throughout give you that warm “homey” feeling
  • Professional millwork gives you lots of “invisible” storage, which makes the place feel clean and simple yet modern

You can have a look at the photos right here thanks to photographers Frank Ouderman and Sean Karns. And Jordan Pamass Digital Architecture – more on them below.

Upstairs Bedroom Loft in this Small Apartment

Underneath the bedroom lies a walk in closet.

Stairs double as storage

Staircase doubles as storage — no need for a bulky dresser.

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