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This is a 16ft by 8ft tiny house on wheels that’s for sale in Lafayette, Louisiana. Price is $21,000.

It was originally built by Incredible Tiny Homes and purchased by the current owner (Valerie) in 2016.

Although I’ve loved my journey as a tiny home owner, I am ready to sell my home and buy something bigger.

Valerie’s Incredible Tiny Home on Wheels For Sale!

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This is the Coyote Cabin Tiny House by Incredible Tiny Homes.

Coyote Cabin by Incredible Tiny Home is 18′trailer + 8′ gooseneck= 26′ x 8′ gooseneck and has a base price of $44,950.

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This is the Highland Home. It’s a 10ft wide by 24ft long tiny home on wheels built by Incredible Tiny Homes out of Morristown, Tennessee featuring a thatched roof and window flower boxes. The extra width makes a big difference, doesn’t it?

Would you consider building a wider tiny house on wheels, kind of like this one? Take a look to see how much extra space you can have with a 10-foot wide tiny home on wheels. By the way, Incredible Tiny Homes upcoming Fall Jam is this October 12-13! More info here.

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10-Foot Wide Highland Tiny House by Incredible Tiny Homes

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This is the Hobbit House at the Wee Casa Tiny House Resort in Lyons, Colorado.

The home was built in Tennessee by Incredible Tiny Homes and now lives at the resort where you can stay for a few nights (or more). Enter through the traditional round hobbit door where you’ll find a cozy living room, compact kitchenette, spacious bathroom and loft bedroom with a stunning hand-crafted hand rail. You can even enjoy second breakfast with a felt Frodo!

More details at the end of the post. Book your stay at Wee Casa and enjoy your time in Middle Earth!

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The Hobbit House at Wee Casa Tiny House Resort, CO

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This is the Seattle Blue Tiny House on Wheels by Incredible Tiny Homes that was built for a client who took it to Washington State.

It is 22′ x 8′, weighs approximately 12,000+ pounds, with a base price of $36,250. The exterior (per the name) is a beautiful blue color called “Georgian Revival Blue” from Sherwin Williams. Inside you’ll find two lofts, one for sleeping and one for storage — they are connected by a fun catwalk (for cats — not humans!).

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Seattle Blue Tiny House on Wheels by Incredible Tiny Homes

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This is the Riversong Lodge by Incredible Tiny Homes!

Riversong Lodge from Incredible Tiny Home is 30′ x 8′, weighs approximately 16,800 pounds, with a base price of $54,850. And will soon be featured in a Geico Commercial!

I love the large living area and plenty of windows!

Enjoy pictures of this stunning custom build and then take the video tour “zoom through” on the last page. Want an incredible home? Contact the builder here.

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Incredible Tiny Homes Riversong Lodge Tour

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