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This is a yellow submarine turned into a tiny house vacation.

It’s located in Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand. The submarine is literally set up as a cabin in the woods. And you can rent it on Airbnb. What do you think?

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Yellow Submarine Tiny House in New Zealand

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Have you ever thought about building a steel-framed tiny house? That’s what Kim and Jay Merrett are doing.

I’m happy to show you their 240 sq. ft. 12′ x 20′ steel framed tiny house in the woods. You can see how they built it below. They’re still working on the interior. Pretty soon they will have a peaceful tiny cabin to enjoy for years to come. You can see their floor plan design below too.

I hope you enjoy looking at it and learning about it below. Would you consider building with steel instead of wood? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Finally you can help us spread the word about it with the re-share buttons down at the bottom of this article.

Building a Steel Framed Tiny House in the Woods


Images © Jay & Kim Merrett

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This 280 sq. ft. tiny cabin is on a 10,019 sq. ft. riverfront lot in the woods. The listing says it’s 280 sq. ft., but to me it looks like it’s bigger than that. What do you think? Is it actually 280 sq. ft. or do you think it’s bigger than that?

There is no phone or Internet service here. The cabin is in a historic neighborhood called Old Kingvale in Truckee, California. It was listed right for $139,000. The listing says, “cash only,” because the, “property doesn’t qualify for conventional financing.” To me that’s a sign that there may be issues (permits, title, etc.) associated with the property so please do your research.  There’s a river you can listen to right from the deck of the cabin. You can even fish in the river from the backdoor. Sounds pretty relaxing, doesn’t it? And the cabin is beautiful too. The interior is all wood. The listing says it has new wiring, plumbing, and septic. What do you think?

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Riverfront Tiny Cabin in the Woods


Images © Zillow/Coldwell Banker/Carrie Hoyt

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This is a Tiny Log Cabin submitted by a reader just like you. We’d love to feature you, too.

Once in a while readers like you send in your tiny houses, cabins, cottages, RVs, and other alternative/small homes and when that happens I love getting to re-share it with you so we can all enjoy it.

So below is a quick post featuring one of our readers current projects… A tiny log cabin. Enjoy and re-share below if you feel inclined to. Thanks.

Alex, I’m almost finished with our next Tiny cabin. (see below).

Reader Submitted Tiny Log Cabin


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