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This is the NestHouse tiny home. It’s built by Jonathan Avery of Tiny House Scotland.

If you’re curious, it’s 25 square meters (269 sq. ft.) inside (including the loft space).

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The NestHouse in Scotland: 269-Square-Feet of Bliss!

The Nest House Tiny House

Images © Jonathan Avery

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Small house pictures always motivate me in some way to simplify my life even more. Especially when I find one of those houses that seem to have achieved a sort of perfection.

Since you’re here, I’m sure you like them too. And you’re probably thinking about different ways to downsize.

Well I know you’ll love these links if you’re…

  • looking for interior design ideas
  • just browsing for fun/entertainment
  • trying to see what living small is like
  • looking for inspiration to build your own
  • thinking about simplifying your life even more

Enjoy… Just click on any of the pictures or on the house name if you want to see and learn more about it. All the links will keep you here at Tiny House Talk but they will open in a new window/tab so you can click on the rest. Which is your favorite?

I like the 320 square foot garage conversion the best… Or the dome cabin it’s a hard choice! The 400 SF 20k house would be great if you could add more windows and update the interior, but it was obviously made on a budget.

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400 SF 20k House

400 Square Foot House

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One of the challenges for tiny houses is feeling comfortable with the amount of space you have.

When I found this tiny house on a trailer for sale, I immediately noticed how neat it was that they had added a larger porch.

This way you can actually lounge outside and use the outdoor space as part of the home. You can read books, magazines, or just enjoy the scenery there.

Many people who live in a small space rave about how they have great outdoor space which they use a lot. In a house like this, it’s sort of a must, isn’t it?

This has led me to a few built in ideas that you can add to your own design so that you can expand your outdoor space (maybe I’ll share in another post)… But you can see a real example of it in action right here.

Making Your Tiny House Feel Bigger

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