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Welcome to Middle Earth—or at least the Mountain Shire! This fantastic Tolkien-loving uncle-and-nephew duo spent the past few years creating a magical village of Hobbit-themed tiny homes in Sevierville, Tennessee, where you can book a weekend stay to escape all the trials of modern life.

The property has six tiny homes with a slightly different whimsical theme and custom decor. An epic cedar-slice wall also blocks off the shire from the outside world! Enjoy the tour of this beautiful spot below.

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Stay in a Hobbit Hole Tiny Home on a Mountainside

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This is a tiny and cozy off-grid home that is perfectly reminiscent of a Hobbit-like cave.

Outside, you’ll see a curved roof line over two double doors that open wide to make the inside and outside living space one. From the front of the house you have views of a lily-pad-filled pond that includes a wonderful footbridge. The owner says he’s spent 40 years creating the space.

In the center of the circular interior you’ll find a large round table with benches. The ceilings feature amazing stone work and a cozy bed is tucked in the curve of one wall. Exposed wooden beams square off areas of the house. In the kitchen area at the back of the house you can pull down a wooden cabinet door to expose a wine rack. A built-in kitchen chest stands against the wall and looks like a piece of history. You can cook over an elaborate wood-burning stove complete with cast iron dishware, or sit and study at a wooden desk near the front wall. Watch the entire video for a full tour of this tiny abode.

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Off-Grid Hobbit-like Cave Home Built into a Hillside


Images © Living Big In A Tiny House via YouTube

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These micro cabins are what Microlodge UK have created for campgrounds.

It’s a simple pod design for people who want something between camping and a hotel.

The company offers several styles…

  • The Microlodge Cabin (tiny cabin)
  • The Mini Microlodge Cabin (micro cabin)
  • The Wild West Wagon (gypsy wagon)
  • The Wee Microlodge (outhouse)
  • The Micrlodge Cascade (shower)

128-square-foot Microlodge

The full sized version is 16′ by 8′ by 8′ with the following features:

  • One double bunk
  • Two single bunks
  • Kitchenette
  • Lighting
  • Double-glazed french doors
  • Window
  • Television

Hobbit House from Microlodge
Photos Courtesy of Microlodge UK

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Gary Zuker is the owner of this little hobbit house in Texas. In 1989 he built it by hand for about $25,000 and lots of labor. The home took three years to complete. He is a University of Texas computer engineer with no carpentry experience before this project.

In total, the space is about 830-square-feet with lots of open areas. Gary had the help of Pliny Fisk, a local sustainable building expert in Austin. Here are some details on the materials used:

    • Straw-clay
    • Loblolly pine for scissor-truss system
    • Limestone boulders for doorway, fireplace, and foundation
    • Stained-glass windows
    • Salvaged windows, flooring, and kitchen cabinets

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Little Hobbit House in Texas

Little Hobbit House in Texas by Gary Zuker

Photos courtesy of Gary Zuker and Paul Bardagjy

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