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This is a 160 sq. ft. tiny house for sale in Grand Isle, Vermont.

This tiny house was thoughtfully handcrafted by a Vermont contractor in 2016. Married couple has lived in it for about 18 months. Perfect for single person, couple, or as a rental for extra income.

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160 Sq. Ft. Handcrafted Tiny House in Vermont For Sale

160 Sq Ft Handcrafted Tiny House on Wheels For Sale in Vermont 001

Photos via Craigslist

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This is Lou’s handcrafted vardo tiny house travel trailer that’s for sale out of Why, Arizona. UPDATE: Price lowered to $15,000!

Lou Brochetti is selling his somewhat famous hand-crafted vardo-style travel trailer. Lou used to be a builder of custom wood boats. All that skill and care went into the construction of his trailer home.

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Hand-Built Vardo Tiny House Travel Trailer For Sale in Why, Arizona

Lou Brochetti Vardo Style Tiny House Travel Trailer For Sale

Images via Lou Brochetti

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This is a pioneer style tiny log cabin with trim work done by Wilderness Woodworks in Ely, Minnesota shared by one of our readers.

As you can see below, it’s a traditional log cabin with a covered front porch entry. Go inside and you’ll find your kitchenette, living area, bunk beds, and dining nook – all in one room. Facilities are nearby. Please enjoy the tour below and let us know what you think in the comments. What would you do with a little cabin like this? Would you live in it?

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Tiny Pioneer Style Log Cabin in Minnesota

© Jacen James

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This is Helga, an absolutely amazing horsebox renovation done for a client by House Box in South-West England.

Helga is an off-grid tiny home with some absolutely stunning woodwork and handcrafted features. If you don’t like natural, rustic wood-edges, you won’t like her, but I was amazed at how cozy the inside of this house truck feels. It has a fully functional kitchen, great lounging space, and a loft bedroom with plenty of headroom.

Indie Projects did a complete video tour of the house which you can enjoy below (Subscribe to their YouTube channel here)! Get the contact information for House Box after the pictures.

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Helga: An Amazing Horsebox Renovation

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This Artisan built his tiny house from a salvaged trailer – with no plans!

The home started as an old travel trailer and today it features beautiful hand-forged hinges, a monkey-bar ladder to get down from the loft bedroom, and a gravity-fed water system for washing dishes. He never had a floor plan in mind and created the home as he built. Watch the full video below! Enjoy!

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Artisan Builds His Tiny House from Salvaged Trailer – with No Plans!

Artisan Builds His Tiny House from Salvaged Trailer – with No Plans!

Screenshots via YouTube/Dylan Magaster

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