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This is a 200 sq. ft. Tiny Texas Farmhouse with a covered front porch AND a detached office.

It’s a tiny home that was for sale out of Cuero, Texas for $50,000 but is now off the market.

What do you think about living tiny with a setup like this?

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200 Sq. Ft. Tiny House with Detached Office!

200 Sq. Ft. Tiny Texas Farmhouse with Front Porch and Detached Office

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The Humblebee Porch tiny house plans are great because they’re livable.

With a total of 226-square-feet of living space, it should be enough for many simple folks out there.

My question is, does it have enough space for you? I’d love to learn about that in the comments later, but first see what you think of it below..

Tiny House Plans with a Side Entrance and Porch

Tiny homes with side entrances are starting to become some of my favorites. And when you add the large covered porch it’s even better.


I just don’t know how’d you get this bad boy on wheels. This might be something you’d want to set up on a foundation, right? Let me take you on a complete tour of this little home below:

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